Unification News for December 2000

HSU Retreat Center Opens

by Josef Schrattenecker

On September 1, 2000 the HSU Retreat Center officially opened to the general public. It is the first stage fulfillment of a decade old dream by Mrs. Sung Bok Hsu to provide all people who suffer with health problems a temporary home where healing and rejuvenation may take place.

How can this be done? Mrs. Hsu began her business in 1977 selling IL HWA Ginseng tea door to door in Columbus, Ohio. From this small beginning a large company with three retail centers and a mail-order department developed. At the very heart of this growth lies the success of the Hsu Internal Cleansing Program. This program utilizes of course ginseng tea, but also a variety of internal cleansers, developed by her, and other nutritional supplements. Through these cleansing and nutritional supplements the vital parts of the body, namely the digestive, eliminative, circulatory and lymph system are cleansed and rejuvenated.

In addition, Mrs. Hsu teaches and utilizes the principles of Proper Food Combining to aid in the process of restoring and maintaining good health. Combined with drinking the cleanest water available, from a large steam distillation unit in the basement of the Retreat Center, the body is enabled to cleanse itself and thereby release the energy and vitality inherent in it to overcome the often crushing burden of disease.

But that is not all. Exercise in clean, fresh air also matters a great deal. It does not have to be sweat-inducing exercise. Taking daily walks may be all thatís needed. The Retreat Center sits on 73 acres of land with beautiful walking paths meandering through the lush woods cozying up to the back of the estate. In those woods one can find a variety of herbs given to us by God including the one often called the "King of Herbs"ówild ginseng.

Last, but certainly not least, spiritual recovery often goes hand in hand with physical recovery. Sometimes, simple relaxation in a beautiful environment, away from the oppressive noise and busyness of city life, is all thatís needed to be recharged. One may simply sit on the balcony, overlooking miles of rolling farmland, to feel a sense of renewal. On the other hand, as Unificationists we know that the study of Godís word is integral to our overall well-being. A well stocked library and cozy reading area is available for all retreat guests, of any religious persuasion. The spirit of the Pledge, which directs us to search for and develop True Love, permeates the Retreat Center and not just because Korean and English versions of its written manifestations prominently decorate the walls of the beautiful atrium.

We live in a society that seeks instant, simple answers and solutions to most, if not all of its problems. But those problems are due to living in ignorance for lengthy periods of time. By the same token, restoration requires both wisdom and time. Thatís why it may take days or even weeks of staying with and learning from Mrs. Hsu to set in motion the course of restoring physical and spiritual health. The doors are open. Recently, an architectural magazine prominently featured the Hsu Retreat Center. Accompanying the article was the following letter by Mrs. Hsu:

The first time I looked at this land, including the woods in the far back and the gently rolling cropland in the front, I knew this was what I had been looking for. I had been searching for property, not too far from Columbus, Ohio, on which to build a small-scale health retreat as my retirement project. I wanted to build a facility for the improvement of physical health as well as a place where people could unwind so completely that one could recapture the childhood feeling of happiness from playing in the sand box. This land had been up for sale for many years, but not much interest had been shown.

I started crying just looking at the land from the road. An embracing and healing gentleness surrounded me and welcomed me. I asked my Father in Heaven silently if this was the land He had reserved for me on which to do the work He had commissioned me to do, that of healing His children. The search was over. I asked the Realtor to make an offer that day.

One of my dear customers of several years, Mr. Bill Halley, introduced me to the architect Bob Giesken. Since I had never undertaken the task of building a home before, I really needed his help. When Bob Giesken and Mr. Halley, who is a builder in Columbus, and I came to the site and walked around the land, I knew I was in the company of two of the best advisers anybody could ever hope to have.

Bobís first comment was "We could build a beautiful home here." When he said that I knew he was the one to design it. We sat down and I gave him a list of desires that I had. I described the purpose of the building and how many guest rooms were needed. I explained that I wanted a green house and a pond, and told him all my other ambitions and dreams. He listened patiently and I could tell he was formulating a plan in his mind.

The next step was to select a builder. I count my lucky stars for the day I found Roger McClain from Jerry McClain Co. One homeowner who had their home built by Roger McClain 9 years ago told me "If Roger builds your home, you are lucky."

It took about 14 months to complete the building from the time of purchasing the land to moving in. Those 14 months were a time of creativity and rejoicing. Each week I would be given a new set of choices to make, just enough to get involved but not get bogged down with. Many people told me that building a home is a hard task; it wasnít so with this project. Each week was a joyous venture with pleasant challenges. I was learning about a world that I had never needed to deal with before.

Now the house is finished and I have already lived here for 5 months. I have had neighbor luncheons and many dinners of appreciation and recognition for those who have worked with me during this experience. I am a very lucky person to retire from 23 years of working as a retailer in health foods and to be able to continue in this field, doing what I like to do the most in a place, which is "heaven on earth".

It is beautiful during the day and it is beautiful at night. I hear the wild turkeys gobble and pheasants sing, deer graze, my two puppies run and the 21 chickens cackle and crow.

I named my guest rooms "Parkview", "Woodsview", "Star Gazer", "Friendship Room", and "Centerview". I sometimes think that I should be awake at night and sleep during the day so that I can enjoy the night view in this place. The stars are bright and when the lights are on in the house it looks like a magical and enchanted house from the outside.

The builder asked me if I am happy here. If I am not, it is nobodyís fault but my own for I live in my dream house that has been built just right. I invited for dinner one evening the architect, builder, landscaper, concrete man, and a neighbor who cuts walk paths in the woods. I truly felt that I was amongst the masters of each of their fields. I am a lucky person to have this house to welcome retreat participants who have some serious health problems as well as those with less serious concerns. I find most participants to be my friends, and I am also a participant myself.

I eat right, exercise right and take herbs and other supplements detoxifying and nourishing my body and mind. Oh, yes I am busy but I am happy and at the same time peaceful within. I improve my health each and every day just as my retreat participants do. At the true beginning of this new millennium I wish all of you a most blessed year and I invite you to spend some time with me to heal not only the body but mind and soul as well. Iíve had guests stay with me anywhere from 1 to 28 days! They included a Russian couple with the husband suffering from a brain tumor, a local couple with the wife suffering from severe diabetes, and a lovely lady from Texas with pelvic bone cancer. She improved so much that she is considering moving to Central Ohio to be near me. I also welcomed a dear brother from Florida suffering from cancer and many others with various degrees of eating disorders, weight problems, hypertension, and many other health concerns. Whatever time fits you best, I can arrange a way to give my wholehearted attention to you so you may leave from here truly refreshed and in better health. If the reader wishes to obtain more information, please call toll free 1-800-628-8420 or log on to www.hsu.com

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