Unification News for July 2000

National Family Flag Day

Levy M. Daugherty
July, 2000

Family Flag Day is a day whose time has finally come. This day was created from the inspiration and love for God and family from the True Parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Moon. Family Flag Day is being introduced all over the United States and flags are being distributed to churches, governmental organizations, youth organizations such as the YMCA, and homes.

The American Clergy Leadership Conference is another organization born out of the inspiration of Rev. Moon, he inspired 120 ministers and professors of more than 12 different denominations and recently, even Muslims want to be a part of this basic Christian movement. Its purpose is for reconciliation, repentance and forgiveness of the body of the churches of Jesus Christ, the Family Flag Day idea is indeed an exciting one, and according to reports, most everyone who has received the flag seems to express that excitement.

Clergy are being inspired to sign the flag and have their congregations to sign it as well, in signing, this brings much more historical value to the flag and is much more likely to hang in a prominent place more as a permanent picture and become the great conversational piece. Even in individual families want to sign the flag and bring it out every family reunion for new signatures, not just on the Family Flag Day.

The month of September has been selected to be Family Awareness month and Family Flag Day is to be celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of September in churches and homes of every communities. Family Awareness month will be used for educational programs such as True Family Value, divorce prevention month, child parent relationship development and reconciliation, adopting senior citizens as your grand parent, making your communities safer for families and children, and so on.

This first year, churches, families and grass roots organizations are doing this Family Flag Day program as an unofficial holiday. " I believe that although it may take three years before the Family Flag Day bill is passed in congress, we will be distributing flags continuously. However, with the goal of 144,000 to be distributed by the end of September is our commitment."

The Family Flag Day Committee needs more volunteers who would like to contribute to the success of the Flag distribution. Rev. Hong, the regional director of FFWPU, NJ, is working diligently with his congregations and Japanese missionaries who are volunteers of the Family Flag Day program. They are averaging 20 flags per a day. Rev. Hong said that he needs more American volunteers who can speak good English. Volunteers are needed for helping in transportation, phone solicitations, mailings, and financial support for purchasing more flags.

There are three Japanese missionaries working in Harlem, NY, and they are meeting some of the top ministers like Dr. Wyatt T. Walker who accepted and sign the flag for his church. In Chicago, Rev. Bansa will be giving out more than 30,000 flags during her once-a-year Jericho Walk rally.

The committee is headed by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins and ministers from across the nation. For more information, you can visit the web site www.familyflagday.com, or contact Rev. Levy at 212-997-0050 ex 213 or your local representative in your states. By now, every states should have free flags to give out.

"The symbol of the flag represents the eternal bond and relationship between heaven and earth. The sun symbolizes God as the source of light and life, and Eternal Father of the Family; the two large figures with their arms outstretched represent our grand parental heritage of the Family; the two smaller figures in touch with this grand parental heritage lineage represent the parents; and the two smaller figures reaching out the parents represent our children. The heart in the center of the diagram refers to the ongoing love of God as the center of the Family. The white surrounding border for the flag conveys the sense of the intended peace and purity of the home." (Dr. Paul Swanson)

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