Unification News for July 2000

Huxleyís Megatrends (I)

Tyler Hendricks
July, 2000

I want to share with you about the famous novel, the unbelievably prophetic novel, by Aldous Huxley, Brave New World. The brave new world he describes is more terrible than the world depicted by George Orwell in 1984; it is more terrible that the regime of communism. The world Huxley describes is a world in which everyone is happy and love is dead. It is a world of complete physical and mental satisfaction, without love. Thus it is a world of death. And the horrible truth is that we are inching closer to that world every day.

Brave New World was published in 1931. I first read it in 1964. At that time, it was deemed science fiction. Today, that book can not be deemed science fiction. It is in the category of megatrends. If you want to gain a peek at the world that is being built by the gay and lesbian movement, by the pro-choice movement and by the ACLU, read Brave New World.

If you want to get a taste of the joyful society being brought to us courtesy the pornography industry, the youth music industry and the psychotropic drug industry, read Brave New World. If you are not bothered by the pro-Darwin scientific establishment, the comprehensive sex education proponents, and the cradle-to-grave welfare entitlement politicians, read Brave New World. If you are wondering what the problem is with genetic engineering, cloning, self-esteem training in public schools, and the day-care movement, read Brave New World.

No, the people behind these movements are not killing anyone. Au contraire! They want to take care of us! Yes, and they will take care of us to death. Not the death of the body, but the death of the soul. As Jesus said, "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell." (Matthew 10:28) The brave new world, toward which we are marching, is the world that kills the soul.

Satan is a Good Guy

What kills the soul? John the Apostle put it just right: "We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death." (1 John 3:14) The truth is that the death of the soul means the inability to give and receive love. To be dead inside means that you have no sensitivity to love. To be alive means to be in love. The greater the life of the soul, the more intense the love one feels and gives. A dead soul feels nothing, is numb, is scarred, callused, hollow.

What kills the soul is that which destroys love. How is Satan destroying love? Oh my! You say. Did you have to bring up Satan? Do you have to get theological on us? Let me digress a moment. Satan is a good guy. He couldnít have been so popular for such a long time without having a winning personality. Heís charming. Heís a man, as the Rolling Stones put it, of wealth and taste. Thereís only one flaw in him: he is violating the fundamental principle of the universe. Thatís all; sniff, itís a minor flaw; itís nothing, really. And when the results of this violation appear, in the form of murder, rape, starvation, disease, abject cruelty toward innocent children, genocide, scorched earth and ethnic cleansing, Satan turns away. When itís over, he turns back with a "tsk, tsk, whose fault was that? We certainly must punish someone. After dinner, I mean." Satan is real. Heís all over the place, including inside of every human being.

How does Satan destroy love? He does so by destroying the origin of love: our parents. Our fundamental ability to give and receive love comes from our relationship with our parents. In the womb, we have absolute, unchanging and unique love. When we are born, love and affection are poured upon us. In a way, everyone acts like our parents, giving us things. So we trust, and enter into relationships freely.

Thatís brother and sister love, under parental love. By that, we grow to maturity. The Sermon on the Mount is all about the course and standard of brother-sister love. The problem of free sex, of premarital sex in particular, is that it destroys brother-sister love. This in turn destroys husband and wife love. This prevents us from becoming true parents. The ultimate goal of evil is to destroy parents. The use of free sex is to destroy parents.

Brave New World reveals Satanís plan. He destroys love by destroying parenthood. Thatís it; bottom line: he destroys parenthood. If you read the book, you will see that the brave new world is a world in which there are no parents.

The Happy Turtle

In the brave new world, the words "mother" and "father" make people nauseous. The idea of giving birth to a child is deemed absolutely, universally disgusting. It is a most abhorrent, anti-social act. More than that, childbirth is dirty, bloody and painful to both mother and child. In the brave new world, "civilization is sterilization." And anyway, childbirth unnecessary. We can produce much better humans by technology than anyone ever did by that messy, animalistic viviparous method.

I will outline the steps Satan is taking to get us into this brave new world by pointing out certain aspects of that world and relating them to certain aspects of our world, most of them wonderfully new and, well, brave!

In the brave new world, accepting oneself is of the highest value. It does not matter what one is or does; the main point is that each human is completely happy doing what he is doing. He is perfectly socialized in his given (by the state) vocation; he would not even remotely consider doing anything else.

I am reminded of the books I read my children. So many of them have as their message: be happy that you are who you are. They are stories of baby turtles who try to be birds or squirrels or pigs, and finally discover that it is so wonderful to be a turtle.

This appears in the ethic of our public schools that places secondary importance on how well a child does on a test, and primary importance on them feeling good about how they did on the test.

This appears in the cry of the gay-lesbian movement: Iím proud of being homosexual. I was born this way. God made me this way. Iím happy with my sexual orientation. Anyone who suggests that I might want to change it is upsetting my self-esteem. O my, thatís why so many gay teenagers are committing suicide! Please, weíve got to affirm them for who they are!

This appears in brave new world. There are five classifications of humans, alpha, beta, delta, epsilon and gamma, and each human is as pleased as punch to be what he is. They are created that way.

It Takes a Factory to Raise a Child

They are of their class by manipulation of the fetus in the bottle. (Huxley did not foresee genetic engineering, which shows far more potential to accomplish what he envisioned. But he was on the right track.) Fertilized eggs that are chosen to be alphas get the most nutrition, the most oxygen, the most stable ride through the assembly line, and so forth. They end up being the tallest, most attractive, most intelligent humans.

As one descends the evolutionary ladder to betas, deltas and so on, the assembly-line workers withdraw benefits from the bottle. Oxygen is withheld during the period of brain growth. Those kids come out retarded. Nutrition is withheld, and those kids are shorter, weaker, they canít see so well, or hear so well, or speak so well. They are good for repetitive tasks, for simple manual labor. They are compliant.

To put the icing on the cake, the babies are conditioned through sleep-teaching. "I am so happy to be a delta; I love to wear green clothes; Iím so glad I donít have to wear blue clothes like the epsilons do; Iím so glad I donít have to be so responsible like the alphas are; Iím so glad I can sweep the street all day; itís so important that the street is clean." They receive endless repetition until their personality is formed.

The brave new world supplements this with physical conditioning. For instance, humans who are not to do any reading are taken when infants into a room with books lying open. As they touch the books, horrible sirens begin to blare. Recoiling in panic, the disoriented babies are then given an electrical shock through the floor. They writhe in agony for a few moments. When the electricity is turned off and the sirens die down, they are shown the books. The poor infants, pre-linguistic, with no parents, scream in terror.

This is repeated enough times to make the point. They will turn nauseous, they will recoil in terror when they see a book. They will pity anyone they see reading a book. They are very happy to be free from books, to have a job that keeps them away from books. Everyone is happy to be who they are and do what they do. There is peace. Itís engineered to be that way.

I have mentioned genetic engineering. Our brothers and sisters in the world of bio-technology seem to be on the way to identifying which genes control for which physical or mental characteristic. By manipulating genes, lab technicians can determine the hair color, or sex, or, perhaps, personality traits, of the individual. Itís coming soon to a society near you. Progress is, after all, our most important product.

[End of Part One; Part Two next month]

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