Unification News for June 2000

Blessed in Seattle

Reported by Walter Lowe

True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, delivered the message, "The Path for America and Humanity in the Last Days," in Seattle to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest Region in an April 13th banquet to honor the 80th Birthday of True Father, The Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The address was a fitting treat to cap off a festive atmosphere shared by an overflow crowd crammed into the Ballroom on the top floor of the Washington State Convention Center. Resplendent in a regal red dress, Mother expressed the True Parents' insight into God's perspective on the suffering course of restoration and the current role of America in the current stage of historical restoration. While the audience of local dignitaries and blessed members was often moved near to tears by the depth of understanding of the agony of God's heart, Mother's speech was also frequently interrupted by applause of appreciation for the historical sacrifice which has laid the foundation for the work of the True Parents in this pivotal time in providential history.

Explanation by Dr. Hendricks

In his special remarks introducing True Mother, Dr. Tyler Hendricks drew a parallel between this time and the old testament time of King David when all of Israel was brought together to form a single nation under God. At that time King David gave a gift to the people and the Ark of the Covenant represented the Word of God under the auspices of the spiritual True Parents with the culmination of the entrance into Jerusalem.

This was further mentioned for our time in the Book of Revelation with the image of the bridegroom coming into the holy city to meet his bride. Dr. Hendricks noted that now in the 2000 Jubilee Year of celebration of the life and sacrifice of Jesus as the Messiah, True Parents want to give a similar gift of "bread and water" to make one nation under God just as David did. In order to do this, they must liberate the power of true love in every family. This is symbolized by the True Love Ring. This ring is being given to the women for dedication of women as the center connection in this liberation of true love. Thus, Dr. Hendricks concluded, the wife becomes the bridge between God, husband, and children. This empowers them to build God's Kingdom on the earth.

Quality Audience

Special guests in attendance included: Minister Milford Nation of Islam; Master Sanh Ngugen Cao Dai Temple; Rev. Jorgen Beokstain Church Universal and Triumphant; Mr. Gilbert Wardian Bishop, Church Universal and Triumphant; Rev. Phuoc Toan Phuoc Hue Buddist Temple; Ven. Minh Chieu Vietnam Buddist Temple; Ms. Alice M. Woldt The Church Council of Greater Seattle; Rev and Mrs. York Pastor, Evening Star COGIC; Pastor Manaway Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church; Deacon Charles Caldwell Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor Melba Thomas; Pastor Ray Wells God's Anointed Temple; Pastor Sanders Star Bethel Baptist Church; Marissa Roy For Pastor Morrissette, House of Holiness Pentecostal Church; Minister Samuel Jones Harvest Time COGIC; Mr. Bert Caoli Filipino Community Center; Mr. Wai C. Eng Chinese Community Development; Jae N. Yu Korean Student Association; Mohamed Dini Rbukar Somali Community Center; Hailegedrges Asfaw Ethiopian Community Leader; Chong McCarthy Korean American Business Owner; Anne Lise Church Consul, Republic of Seychelles; Mr. Don Cohen Korean War Veterans Association, Pres. Oregon Chapter; Mr. Don Barton Korean War Veterans Association, VP Oregon Chapter; Mr. Joon Sung Lee Senior Vice President, The Federation of Korean American Associations; and Chief and Mrs. John and Janet Webster Tribal chief.

Second Generation

Congratulatory letters, presented on stage by second generation children of blessed members, were sent by Paul H. Shin Senator, Washington State Senate; Paul Shell Mayor, City of Seattle; Ron Sims Executive, King County, Washington; Dirk Kempthorne Governor, Idaho; Marc Racicot Governor, Montana;Walter Hickel Former Governor, Alaska; Lyman F. Hoffman Senator, Alaska State Legislature; Alan Austerman Representative, Alaska State Legislature; Pete Kott Representative, Alaska State Legislature; Jerry Ward Senator, Alaska State Legislature; John C. Bohlingey Senator, Montana State Senate; Gary Wilken Senator, Alaska State Legislature; Jack Johnson City Council, Billings Montana; Edward E. Jorden Bishop, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and R. L. Larsen Bishop, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


The banquet program began with musical and dance entertainment provided by Korean Performing Arts Groups Northwest, directed by Che Kyun Cho; Youth for Christ Sheback Choir, directed by Pamela Bowman; The Sun Hak International Children's Choir, directed by Nancy Kubo; Korean Drumming by Sun Hee Davies; and the Seattle SeaChordsmen (a fantastic 40-man "barber shop" choir). Prior to the keynote address Paulette Wiesinger: presented "Love Changes Everything" as a musical offering.

Recognition by Local Dignitaries

At the conclusion of True Mother's speech, several local organizations made special presentations to show appreciation for the world wide providence of work inspired by Rev. and Mrs. Moon. On behalf of the Blessed Clergy in the NW Region, Rev. York presented a beautiful trophy. Don Cohen, representing the Korean War Veterans Oregon Chapter presented a plaque in appreciation of the efforts to establish a Memorial for the Korean War veterans. Two books were also presented, one by Annelise Church, the Consul of the Republic of Seychelles, and one presented by Rev. David Malloch representing Washington State Senator Paul Shin.

Recognition From True Parents

Two local organizations received recognition and financial grants in appreciation of their work on behalf of others less fortunate and more needy:

The first organization was Simon of Cyrene Society, Prison Ministry, represented by Ms. Rosaleen Wilcox, Executive Director. Founded in 1979 by Father Richard Stohr, a Roman Catholic priest as a ministry to the families and loved ones of prison inmates, Father Stohr named the program The Simon of Cyrene after the man pressed into duty to carry the cross of Jesus when he was a prisoner on his way to execution. The society operates Mathew House in the Seattle area. This house provides housing to families as they visit loved ones in prison. They also provide emergency food, clothing, day care, educational seminars and transportation to over 200 family members each month. Father Stohr was a true visionary in his caring and understanding of the need for support services for families of those incarcerated. It is a fact that 70% of inmates visited by family and loved ones, remain infraction free for two years or longer and are six times less likely to reoffend.

Also honored was the Brotherhood Christian Academy, represented by Rev. Ivory Crittendon Founder and Rev. E. Roy Wells, Principal. Founded seven years ago by Pastor Crittendon, the Christian Brotherhood Academy is tailored to address the problems of " at risk children." Today the school has a facility accommodating 200 children in the Hill-Top neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington. It is the vision of the Christian Brotherhood Academy to give the inner-city child hope for tomorrow by introducing them to Jesus Christ today. They believe that if we train our children with the best knowledge now, they will have a lifetime of understanding. It is truly an inspiration to visit this school and meet the bright-faced children and the dedicated teachers and staff. Congratulations are certainly due to Pastor Crittendon, Principal Wells and all the teachers, staff and students.

Pure Love Ring Recipients

To conclude the program and to signify the depth of love that the True Parents wish to multiply throughout the world, True Mother selected #2 in the drawing for those chosen to receive the rings of Pure Love representing the heart of mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters as the center for the commitment we all have to establish and maintain God's original standard of love.

The program was sponsored byThe Cosmic True Parents Federation Family Federation for World Peace and Unification with special thanks to Rev. Won Seog Kang, Seattle Regional Director, Rev. Gerhard Wiesinger, Pastor, Seattle Family Church, Rev. Michael Downey, Assoc. Pastor Seattle Family Church, Rev. Tim Comey, Pastor, Idaho Family Church, Rev. Michael Yakawich, Itinerant Pastor, Seattle Region and Pastor, Montana Family Church, Rev. Bonnie Coolidge, Chairwoman, WFWP Northwest Region, and Mr. Matthew Morrison, ACC Regional Director.

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