Unification News for June 2000

American Clergy Leadership Conference in Korea

Rev. Levy Daughtery
June, 2000

The American Clergy Leadership Conference was born May 22, 2000. It’s first project was sending 120 ministers to Seoul, Korea, where they were joined by 30 participants from Japan. True Parents initiated this conference on the providence of re-unification of South and North Korea.

Each day had a different theme. The first day’s Theme was "Day of new vision and love." The first-day welcoming speech was given by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director of North America, and a statement of purpose was presented by Rev. Michael Jenkins, president of FFWPU North America. Responses from the minister’s side were by Rev T. L. Barrett from Chicago, and Rev. Dr. Preston Robert Washington from New York. Rev. Sun Jo Hwag, president of FFWPUI gave a warm welcome to the American ministers.

Dr. Yang said, "In history, God has raised righteous prophets from humble origins to lead His providence and to reconcile a stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears to His purpose. In the same manner, God called Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a farmer’s son from the unknown land of Korea, and sent him to awaken America to its providential destiny."

The program included reading of Father’s words by the ministers, visiting the "Little Angels School" and cultural performances. The ministers attended Old Chung Pa Dong in Seoul for prayer and reconciliation. They were so inspired they continued their activities even on the streets of Seoul. The same night, there was a revival meeting and sermon given by Pastor Jessie Edwards.


Day two: Day of unification and love. One might ask how could 120 ministers—primarily Black Americans who are descendants of slaves in America—be a part of the unification of South and North Korea. For a slave, there are two sacred words: Freedom, and Family. These ministers went to Korea in the spirit of Joseph with no animosity towards their brothers. Both black and white ministers from the States—former slave owners and slaves—in the spirit of love and unity went to the DMZ on the first day of the conference. Some of these ministers were Korean war veterans. At the freedom bridge, they all joined together in tears, sang songs, prayed, and gave speeches of love, reconciliation and freedom.

Dr. Hycel Taylor gave a searing and emotional speech there "By what authority" [reprinted in this issue]. He said "I tell you by what authority. For those of us who are African American, it is the authority that same Jesus who was the Lord of Nat Turner. That same Jesus who was the Lord of Harriet Tubman … the same Allah who was with Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. The same Jesus that inspired Rev. Sun Myung Moon to launch the movement for world peace." Then the clergy released 150 doves symbolizing peace and freedom.

Chung Pyung

Day three: Day of repentance, prayer and renewal. The day began in Chung Pyung lake. Upon arrival, Mrs. Richardson gave them instructions and explanations of the temple and buildings constructed there in the property. The first building they went to was the newly built temple. Many of participants, the moment they entered the prayer building, fell on their knees in tears, prayers and repentance. Rev. Evep reported that he had never felt the presence of God so strongly. Some went to all the way to the top of the mountain where another prayer meeting took place.

Daemonim spoke to them followed by healing and an-su. That was a very exiting, hallelujah, thank you Jesus, and Praise the Lord ceremony. Mrs. Erikawa introduced the sisterhood ceremony, uniting Japan and the USA—the mother and elder son nations.

Following this was the signing-of-the-flag ceremony, all the ministers put their signature on the Family Federation Flag. Our True Father gave each ministers a solid gold watch with 30 diamonds in the middle of it. According to Father, the gold represents eternity and truth, the diamonds represent the beginning of Jesus’ ministry at the age of thirty. The time on the watch signifies that now is the time for the ministers to begin their own messianic missions representing Jesus Christ for the salvation of America by putting family federation flags in 144.000 churches. This is making a declaration through the churches and families, now is the time to start God’s kingdom on Earth.

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