Unification News for June 2000

The Victorious Completion of True Parentsí World Speaking Tour 2000, and the 38th True Day of All Things

by Rev. Eric HoltóNYC

On June 2, 2000, approximately 1,200 Unificationists from all over the world gathered in New York to celebrate the victorious completion of True Parentsí world speaking tour 2000, and the 38th True Day of All Things. National Messiahs and church leaders from around the world participated in the 7:00 a.m. Pledge in the New Yorker Hotelís Grand Ballroom.

After breakfast, everyone assembled again for the Holy Day Address. A large, ornate, colorful offering table decorated the ballroom. The emcee, church president Rev. Michael Jenkins introduced Patsy Casino who sang powerfully before Fatherís speech.

In his sermon, Father said that a husband and a wife should liberate each other through their free, faithful, joyful and exclusive conjugal love for each other. What is a good person? A good person loves even the worst person. He loves his enemies and his heart is unchanging no matter what the difficulties. Using the analogy of dirty and pure water to refer to the fallen and ideal state of human beings, Father said that the Messiah is the one who makes water pure. The Messiah urges people to endure difficulties and to practice true love as a way of going through the purifier. After his speech, Father received a special award plaque from a prominent US leader.

The evening entertainment took place in the Manhattan Centerís Grand Ballroom. The stage featured a high-tech video projection backdrop, whereby the audience could see alternately a magnified image of each performer, as well as artistic backdrop themes.

Co-emcees, UC Vice President Rev. Phillip Schanker and Patsy Casino delighted everyone with their dynamic presence. David Eaton conducted the New York City Symphony Orchestra as soprano Fang Tao Jiang sang "Exultate, Jubilate". Ms. Jiang was followed by the brilliant ___ who played Mozartís Violin Concerto Number 4. Next, Dal Soon Shin presented colorful songs in the Korean "Pansori" tradition.

The spirit changed as Japan Does Jazz, a Japanese jazz quintet, played a medley of holy songs, jazz style. Itís amazing what a saxophone does to a holy song! Next, we enjoyed a video presentation highlighting True Parentsí world speaking tour. This was followed by well-known recording artist, Melba Moore and the Memorial Baptist Church Praise Dancers whose performance brought the audience to their feet.

A particularly moving multi-media presentation followed, focussing on the recent visit by 120 eminent clergy to Korea. Two spirit-filled East Coast clergy leaders offered their encouragement, support and appreciation. Towards the end of the program, we were treated to a surprise when Hyo Jin Nim came to the stage and rendered some heart-felt and passionate songs. The finale featured a special tribute for True Parentsí 80th birthday, with the song "A Glorious New Day", (lyrics by Kwon Jin Nim and music by Seong Ja Kim).

Under the benevolent eye of Continental Director Dr. Chang Shik Yang and thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of countless brothers and sisters the 38th True Day of All Things was indeed a memorable experience.

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