Unification News for March 2000

Declaration the Inaugural World Tour of the Cosmic True Parents Federation

Today, on February 13, 2000, on the occasion of the WCSF 2000, convened in Seoul, Korea, and in honor of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s 80th birthday, the Rev. Moon is announcing the establishment of the Cosmic True Parents Federation. This announcement is being made to all of you gathered here, more than 700 distinguished delegates, representing 187 nations and from all professional fields, for the Convocation of World Leaders, sponsored by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.

The WCSF was founded for the purpose of developing a "new culture of peace," primarily, by promoting and demonstrating the primary importance of God-centered families. The God-centered family is the building block of world peace. The Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon have dedicated their lives to the promotion of world peace and the realization of God’s original ideal of one cosmic family of humanity centered on the True Parenthood of God. Their fundamental teaching is that all human beings are meant to be one family centered on True Love and True Parents, overcoming barriers of race, nationality, language and culture. During the year 2000, the Rev. and Mrs. Moon, as the first True Parents, will travel throughout the world in order to promote these teachings and ideals.

The Cosmic True Parents Federation will be an organization of leaders and laypersons throughout the world who,

• Acknowledge the importance of Rev. Moon’s vision for world peace, and his teachings on True Love, True Parents and the God-Centered Family;

• Recognize that Rev. and Mrs. Moon are unique in human history for having understood God’s ideal of True Parents, and for putting that ideal into substantial form;

• Affirm the world’s need for those teachings rooted in the ideal of True Parents: living for the sake of others, the sanctity of family, marriage and conjugal relationships, sexual purity prior to marriage;

• Resolve to attend and support True Parents in the work of world peace;

• Pledge to become True Parents ourselves for the sake of our communities, our nations and the world.

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