Unification News for March 2000

Expanding Humanity's Vision of God

Karen Dufour
Pittsburg, CA
March, 2000

"The only Bible some people will ever read is your life." These words written to me were inscribed in my Bible by my friend Clariese when I moved from Chicago to California seven years ago.

Jesus loved. He was life, a Divine presence. His conscious loving thoughts animated light and all electromagnetic fields of resonant energy that create light, the elementals of Earth and her creatures, a universe, its ministering guardians, the angels and mankind. He lived consciously executing graciously a covenant with all life as himself, and through the energetic compassion of his life was the realization of Divine will, establishing the revelation of man as God.

Jesusí brief life left humanity deep chasms of self to reconcile. Man was created and blessed as expressed in Genesis; The Three Great Blessings is the soul map for humans to grow themselves conscious of living truth, as an individual in a family, alive within a world of love, to love.

We believe we are eternal. Adam and family lived 930 years on the Earth. We presume they thrived with the benefit of nature, as nature is, experiencing warm sunny days, regular rains, night and day, the Earth spinning on her axis, revolving around the Sun creating seasons and years. Could we live 950 years? What a long time to love. How could we perfectly incarnate our biology regenerating it for decades and centuries? Is there a secret to longevity?

I am suggesting that our DNA is evolving and will reveal this mystery to us. It is our true inheritance of God and is right up there with True Love. If DNA can divide itself, replicate itself and heal itself and respond to intent, does it also hold the secrets of Adamís longevity? Was the destruction of DNAís true essence the real outcome of manís historical digression, the fall from grace.

Does DNA create the physical structure to vibrationally synchronize with the radiant essence of light to electromagnetically intelligently create and recreate itself? The Maya teach us that through radiant diffusion light exists pulsating and radiating itself for capture. Perhaps Divine intelligence is designed as or is the light. Just as lightning creates sound with the popping of ionic exchange, so too, radiant light has a song. The creative "AUM" so acknowledged in many cultures, mystical Hinduism and Buddhism, is the creative sound within creation. DNA is the spiraling code of biological life that responds to Divine intelligence, light. DNA transforms light from vibration to biology. Conscious awareness or acknowledgment of this is self healing .Our intent can create self healing and self realization. Science will discover this, human experience will confirm it. Faith is the intent and belief is the power to become. At the time of Jesus many were not able to understand him, perhaps the karma of their lives and all its challenges left their souls energetically unaware to perceive the truth or feel the love in his words.

Working in medicine I wondered about DNA for 25 years. From 1968 to 1978, I worked as a nurse with critically ill patients. Many had open heart surgery and some were victims of complicated trauma. Giving people blood and the discovery of respirator science most often made a critical difference to survival. Now we have understood and have documented that it was possibly the human touch and concern that changed outcomes beyond the technology and science. Love.

Several years later, I worked with a deeply prayerful soul whose name was Betsy. She sold Ilhwa ginseng. I drank this ginseng tea. It was purely extracted, quite concentrated. It was excellent. I felt energized drinking it. Ginseng has vitamins and trace elements; but its greatest effect is its ability to oxygenate the hemoglobin. The ancient Chinese sought these plants at night. They radiate a light presence around themselves, such is the energy of this biological.

Years before coming to America Rev. Moon produced this ginseng in Korea. I asked Betsy, "What is so special about this ginseng?" She said, "It can heal DNA, heal the genes." In 1988, Dr. Moon told thousands who attended the Science Conference in Korea to drink this Ilhwa ginseng. From the podium he announced, "You will live a long time." Dr. Moon has been teaching True Love, True Life, and True Blood Lineage for 60 years.

I believe True Blood Lineage is our healed DNA. DNA bridges the chasms of spirit and biology. Is this the healing desired as described by St. Paulís predicament in his biology?

Is DNA the complete link to further the revelation of I Am? Jesusí further revelation of I Am: suggests a divine light body of cosmic dimension and dominion. I Am the light of the world. I Am the desire of the ages. I Am the resurrection and the life. I Am the way the truth and the life. I Am the living water. I Am the bread of life. Jesusí words and the creation story in Genesis suggest an energy pyramid.

Before manifestation the invisible idea must be wholly alive because creation is vitally alive.

The energetic pyramid of the physicality of life includes light which is radiant, air which is gaseous and ionic, water which is liquid and chemical, and the crystal elementals which are solid and carbon. Perhaps even the particle design of these forms hold an invisible crystalline structure, a sacred spiritual form. A molecule of hydrogen appearing as a point of light at its center is radiant, like the Sun. The character of our thought. Helium, oxygen, nitrogen, structurally similar in that two particles are required to give its vital influence upon us. One point of energy in each particle, radiating to each other, potentiating each other creating an energetic ray . This is the character of our atmospheric gases, our breath, the prana , ionic creating animation. And God breathed His spirit into man. The third form is that of water, a liquid, requiring three particles in an energetic relationship, triangulating creating fluidity. This is like our feelings and our touching. Water drips and flows over all things. Energetically this imaginary spiritual force is now 70% of all created form and exists as water. Water is the universal solvent. Its nature is as love. It can transmute most all things. And finally the solids of our physical world. They exist in relationships creating points of energetic form such as the cube and all other crystalline platonic shapes. These capture the ultraviolet light and spiritually link to create the action of life. Like a battery effect, they motivate the vital part of vitally alive, sustains the action, the good, the foundation of love. Love is the catalyst that has the unifying presence. Imagine! Our thoughts directing the pathways of this energy. Consciousness changes physics.

I propose that the vitally alive, spiritual aspect of our DNA is evolving to its perfected form. As the crystal light body of DNA develops it can most truly energize the true form of its gooey biological structure. This is an energetic path that is created from the spiritual sphere of cells to the physical sphere of cells. Each cell has a light body. We know they conduct ion exchanges and hold light. They can glow. As the microcosm of the spherical cells begin to harmonize the power of their light body this can create the larger web of the whole human. The chakras or light energy centers of the human have a corresponding physical biological energy centers, the endocrine glands. Here trace mineral elements are creating hormones that hold light and circulate through the human biology, vitalizing the cells of the body, especially the blood, bone, and nerves. These are material conductors for the flow of electrical impulses, light to vibrate the biology to capture the larger energies of spiritual essence.

Now that our DNA is perfectly harmonized within the cells, the cells are sharing with each other through the larger energetic pathways of hormones, blood, bone, and nerves. The entire human form can radiate and create the light body. However, even the Earth herself is a macrocosm of man. She has a light body too. The Earth herself has a spiritual light body. It is man and his thought and heart who partner with the Earth to perfect them both. Since the physical image of creation exists in the invisible love planes first, and man has required 6,000 Biblical years of history to come to the possibility of completing this ideal, know that our celestial brethren the angels have held this vision in front of us all these years. We are conscious of love connecting the purpose of creation.

The full spectrum of divine love is energetically created from thought, the ideal. The physical laws are absolute and follow the invisible law of spirit. The pyramid is completed when we can create the light body of the physical universe which allows the fullest expression of love.

The love God gives to man is the love and law by which man can co-create himself in Godís image and likeness holding love in its perfected crystalline radiant form, the light body. Wholly alive and vitally alive infers the perfected life as Jesus evidenced before Mary Magdalena at Josephís tomb and before the disciples at Pentecost.

The lightbody alive, vibrant, best describes the ascended masters as Baird Spaulding so witnessed and wrote about in his books, Life with the Masters of the Far East. So too, is the testament of such Divine human masters experienced and described by Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. This is riveting reading, an experience. All six billion humans have the divine potential to be as Jesus was on the planet. The cosmos is energetically poised for this. Our very DNA is an energetic pyramid in structure and is designed to create our lightbody. What has been missing? Faith, belief, energy, the spiritual intent or realization we could do this.

To create divine potentials the acknowledgment of I AM is all that is needed to energetically synapse the spiritual and biological codes to create the lightbody. Power of faith creates belief and it is. The deepest aspect in growing to know your divinity is the acceptance and recognition of your self worth; who you are as a creation of God creating as God. So how are we, all six billion humans, as God vitally alive going to co-create the lightbody of Earth and our own?

We truly need each other energetically to create the lightbody of our crystalline DNA, our crystalline chakra lattice, and the crystalline Magnetic grids of the planet to build the lightbody of our home Earth, firing the spiritual synapses of all other creative worlds. Our love of self, love of each other and the love of Earth and her creatures will perfect the Cosmos. We are alive living our greatest human chapter. We are all needed to create the energy of our cosmic drama of ascension, the Kingdom of Love on Earth. The masters are among us. They are awaiting our evolution and transcendence.

Lee Carroll, a businessman, Christian and metaphysician is channeling Kryon an angel in magnetic service to the Earth. Something like a guardian angel of our planet. Kryon reports that our planet is changing because human consciousness is evolving to higher dimensions of love realities. After Jesus life plus another 2000 years we are the excellent, exponential, and experiential fruit of the most perfect plan.

Consciousness changes physics and a great many other things too, technology, art, dance, music, science and all endeavors of our collective society. This is our living testament of the monumental human effort we are making together. Who was Jesus? In describing himself he always eluded that we were to be as he and that we would do greater things than he did. Have we not? Does the Ascension of all of the humans and the Earth herself to an energetic lightbody a job or what?

Religions, religious life, worship and community has transmutated physical energy into spirit energy catalyzing the revelation of our own creation as God. Creation is but the fine tuned harmonic energies of physicality that strum the heart of our Cosmic Father God. The symphony of crickets, melodies of birds, and the groaning stones all hold the eternal ancient core memory of Mother Earth birthing man so we can most perfectly become.

How to love? The family is the social structure which galvanizes the moral covenant of love to fulfill the law. All is good. The goal of scientific truth and the desire for spiritual truth is love. We want love. We are touching the threshold of unity in eternity , ourselves as Divine love.

What is the ideal? What has DNA and longevity have to do with this? The physical properties of light, color, vibration, speed of light are well understood. As light is accelerated its energies take form, as energy strings, protons, electrons, neutrinos, quarks, atoms, molecules, compounds, mixtures and then animated incarnations. Love is the glue, science calls it the electron haze. Light intelligence manifests principally, orderly, predictably, and absolutely; such is the nature of good. Divine mind exists in the spiritual planes of love that carry motivation, will, movement, Heart, call it the electron haze.

Love is love is lovingly loving all the time seeking itself, vulnerable to create, heal and love again. Forgiveness a self-perpetuating portrait of God as love; man, a vulnerable self-perpetrating species, Divine risking all to love and love again. We cannot get enough love.

Many persons who have experienced a near death situation and who have miraculously survived have often testified about a great love experienced. This non-judgmental embracing love often comforted them to the depths of their soul. This karmic library of remembrance is the most personal healing, for love knows no bounds. And so our human endeavors seek to experience ourselves as creator not realizing we are. Jesus words, "I will come again, I will be with you always," implies he never left. He merely lives in a transcendent, celestial world of energetic vibration as thoughts of his love. "I will see you in paradise. I am preparing a place", he spoke.

We are the living library of Earth. Our story is cellular held in DNA bones, blood, and consciousness. Are we led mystically behaviorally into remembrance of earthís loving consciousness which supports ours? Wisdom, truth, knowledge are alive. Earth radiates her life from the sun and moon into all she loves her creatures. All earthís greatest energy forms exist simply: Love, light, air, water, crystals and DNA. Is the clear form the perfect structure to communicate intelligence. It must be. DNA is a clear colored gooey protein; diamonds are brilliantly clear, water is clear, we see through the atmosphere and light. DNA exists as a clear true biological form holding the karmic imprint of our personal story of remembrance; mystically our soulís journey the akashic record. De ja vu the experience of past energies remembered, perhaps the unseen unconscious past felt again. What is dreaming? We are always energetically expressing thoughts even when asleep.

We as Divine beings are fully animated forms of cosmic consciousness, existing to give all to feel all. Cosmic vulnerability. In Genesis, God repented and grieved, in the Gospel God forgave and loved. Our histories are our story . His story is our own.

I met Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a medical researcher studying DNA in Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He later moved to Southern California and began to approach his research on DNA metaphysically. At the seminar he paced calmly before the group of several hundred people. He opened his heart and having never before revealed how he was guided into the understanding of his work, he explained. In a period of mediation he had met a beautiful majestic presence who professed to be the guardian of DNA. Dr. Todd was reminded by this celestial guardian that it was an awesome responsibility to carry such a level of truth. Dr. Todd is unquestionably in the forefront of such breakthroughs understanding how Divine intelligence exists on a cellular level. His work with lasers confirm the regeneration of cells with light. Photons to protons. His products Gematria reflect this truth.

How will the lightbody be created? Will not our own spoken thoughts illuminate and animate all life especially our own to its perfect purpose. Jesusí words, "man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedth out of the mouth of God." God has a mouth! Just as lightning is followed by the sound of thunder sound creates. It is the pyramid. Many times in deep deliberation I thought about this, I imagined this, but it has only been recently I have realized his mouth for me is mine. Jesus words were life and alive. How did he hold perfect consciousness and love. I propose he did not have a DNA problem. What was the transfiguration as recorded? He shone like light. His perfect celestial image, his thought, electromagnetically generated spirit, sparking spiritual DNA, sparking biological DNA, cells alit, chakras synergistically energizing synapses creating finely tuned vibrations that shone his likeness, a lightbody. A lightbody energetically creating the radiant celestial images of Moses and Elijah in Paradise, the disciples could experience and glimpse the transcendent perfection. The disciples probably did not experience this love bliss ecstasy everyday. But the habit of disciplining their thoughts and words spoken allowed for this to perhaps occur often, especially in prayer and worship.

Is this how the lightbody will be created? The word was with God and the word was God. The word God of this vibration energetically created the universe and as the dominion vibrationally as truth presented itself the higher or finer electromagnetic spectrums became visible light the beginning of form, then the manifestation of air, water , minerals a planet, the house for God; it became a home in the biology or soul of man, Sons and Daughters , a family of God. It would become a Kingdom of God when man could get dominion of himself and would lovingly co-create for himself, his loves, and the creatures.

The power of the spoken word is revealed in the life of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. They spoke to the intelligence of life in their biology, at first repentingly, then devotedly, deliberately and lovingly. Through consciously maturing the ideal of human as Divine they energetically created pathways to manifest love and create the perfect expression of life, they grew bones, purified blood, repaired organs, healed blindness and they helped others to do the same; mirthful spontaneous-healing. Love is all. Such was the development of some Christian believers in the nineteenth century, pioneers. Believers in the lightbody. Consciousness creates physics. Life has the ability to respond, Love can direct living intelligence to form.. .

In the twentieth century collectively as mankind we are growing an expanded awareness of ourselves as a species. I our recent past who could forget the launch of Apollo 8? The technological development for this mission was astounding in scope; computers, rocket science, chemistry for materials and fuels, and the math astronomical. Our collective will, brilliant. But how could that compare to the will of the three astronauts who flew the mission?

We all left the planet that day, really left it. As Borman, Lovell, and Andrews sped around the dark side of the moon, traveling over the desolate landscape we were awestruck by the Earthís rise on this bleak horizon. Humanity glimpsed Earth as she really is, beautiful, alive in the monumental isolation of space. Mother Earth gave mankind a collective reason for tolerance, change, and demostratable love; compassion.

Life is old. Let us feel that. In some metaphysical writings it is proposed that the story of manís consciousness long existed before the incarnation of human beings upon the Earth. The story of war on Mars reports that it was so destroyed that Ra, a solar lord, sculptured his image upon the planet to remind humans upon its discovery eons later of our progress there. NASA eons later flew a satellite probe over the surface of Mars that got a picture of this face. NASA did not publicly reveal this at the time of its discovery. The Sculptured Face As Seen From Mars is the name of a painting by a Japanese artist done in 1974. He imaged this same face exactly as he saw it in his thoughts. I recently saw this image of Ra in a commercial on television promoting the movie "Mission to Mars." The Mayan explain this sharing of consciousness the result of radiant diffusion. This suggests how consciousness is radiating, pulsing, telepathically communicating with us. Perhaps our true understanding of the universe will be interdimensionally . Our empirical approach will not give us the whole truth but the whole truth must be understood in love. Then we may understand who we may have for cosmic company.

Our brain and our ionosphere vibrate the same . This has been measured and has increased. Divine intelligence is radiating and pulsing as light band summons us on our path to completion. Our celestial brethren have held energy for us and have delivered to us humans and the Earth this energy from the heavens in the form of comets. The Earthís weather patterns have changed and responded to these energy packages. The Earth herself, our celestial legions and the sheer numbers of humans on the planet have all been needed to balance the process of these great shifts of consciousness. We are a cosmic galactic race. Spiritual gifts are allowing us to create synchronistically with higher love dimensions establishing the Kingdom. Peace on Earth, with Earth.

Peace at all costs. Our story as God with God is long and only suggested here as a reminder and perspective of where we have come from. A more humble theology is present in the deep realization of who we are and personally this will summon every effort of each individual to mature through all self worth issues of ego and ignorance. This was Dr. Toddís confrontation to own who he was as God in front of the celestial guardian of love. We are Divine humans. This is the last chasm to heal and the most difficult for the human. Historically it often took great purpose or great suffering to walk the path of true discovery. Thankfully in our new age the love quotient is the creative engine of change and people will accomplish much greater lives in love. Joy is the new vibration. Everyone is so much closer vibrationally to their angels and with the photonic action potentiated things will be fun. Thirty years after the Apollo 8 mission we were celebrating the "Ode to Joy" all over the world, singing in accord at the same time on six continents during the opening ceremonies of the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Japan. It was late at night in California where I live. I could imagine the angels weeping. I was as the love was firing synapses and the codes of life throughout a universe.

We are a mirthful species, vitally alive. Think of our global celebration January 1, 2000. Love alive. Synapses awakening. Viewing Earth from space has created a cosmic love which is allowing us to heal our planet, our nations, our families and ourselves. The internet is allowing the diversity of our truth to create understanding as the experienced idea of our global community. Imagine! Our mirth will mingle with celestial mirth and mirth squared is a great potential unleashed. Our expanding vision being created will explode exponentially in our hearts. Is this not the promise in Isaiah? "I will bring it to pass." Who is God? God is most often described as love. Jesus called him Heavenly Father. Humans could understand this idea and in so doing could bridge the heart and create relationship with their core being evolving themselves spiritually. We can feel Jesusí intent and power of his prayer life. He was consciously creating his light body transmutating energetically problems of life into life sustaining possibilities. He lived his prayer. What he held in thought and love he created. And so it is today. What do we want to do with All That Is? What are we thinking about, what do we love?

Today if we profess our intent with an open heart we can create our cosmic potential as an individual. What a task? What courage? I believe this is now a moment by moment process of conscious effort. Now we can begin to grasp the concept of perfection. What is perfection? In the history of our species have we ever had a conscious notion that our lightbody is our destined perfection and that this is the subtle creative destiny of our collective will and we are drawn moment by moment to accomplish it? To become aware of the process is a start, our enlightenment. This gives renewed meaning to pray unceasingly. The Age of True Selflove. Our legacy of this time is a prayer so lived. Peace on Earth, goodwill towards all men, always.

What is the intent of the John Templeton Foundation in creating this dialogue of our hope, shared intent, love and our lives? Is this not of cosmic importance?. I think so. The ideal is of love. Do we love ourselves enough to let go or delete the beliefs, traditions and allow ourselves to expand and grow in love? The others we have thought about are energetically not in our true view because we need to expand our feelings and perfect our lightbody to bring them into our everyday world.

Life will respond. What a knowingness of truth this is. It has been a pleasure to contribute to this dialogue.

Expanding humanities vision of God is the creation of the lightbody, alit and alive, vibrant musingly, mischievously engaged in the garden of true desires fulfilled. And so it is.

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