Unification News for March 2000

400 Million Couple Blessing New York City Ceremony

Andrew Compton—NYC

February 13th, 2000, in the chapel at 4 West 43rd Street, New York City, 43 couples and 320 guests joined together to participate in Blessing 2000. Although we were 12,000 miles away from the main ceremony in Seoul Korea, through the delayed satellite transmission we were able to be together with our True Parents in heart and spirit.

With only a few days to prepare for the event, a small staff of brothers and sisters who were unable to go to Korea worked together to create a program which allowed the blessing couples and the guests to have an unforgettable experience. The chapel was equipped with four large screen TVs, with two addition TVs in the back and lobby for the overflow, by which everyone was able to follow along with the ceremony in Korea.

Mrs. Beryl Greene was the key person, recruiting most of the staff for the event. Mrs. Hall prepared the preprogram reception, and Mercy Mosley prepared the dinner. Jonathan Gullery designed a program for the event. The chapel was transformed into a wedding hall, decorated in white, pink and blue, with hundreds of helium balloons and flowers. It felt like we were in heavenly palace.

Before the blessing ceremony the blessing couples participated in the Holy Wine Ceremony. Edward Prangan was the Emcee and Mr. and Mrs. Tadashi Igarashi were the officiating couple.

During the pre-blessing program two close friends of our movement, Reverend Alam of Queens and Reverend De Kock of New Haven, Connecticut, spoke on the significance of the blessing event. In addition, several musical numbers were offered by the Japanese Missionary Choir and the Manhattan Family Church Choir and band. The entire musical program was organized by Mr. Robert Hall.

Reverend and Mrs. Tateo Sato did a wonderful job as the officiators, representing True Parents. They followed our True Parents, step by step, through each stage of the ceremony. Edner Pierre-Louis, our Emcee, did a wonderful job of keeping everything coordinated. The attending couples were Mr. and Mrs. Samuels, Mr. and Mrs. Tadashi Igarashi, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Geller, Mr. and Mrs. Jean Nduwimana, and Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Falconi.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, following the three mansies, all the brides and bridegrooms were showered with cheers of congratulations and with buckets of confetti.

Afterwards the participants and guests joined in a Chinese buffet dinner and entertainment. Besides the two choirs, Claudio Sanfrancesco’s band performed, Sayomi Kamimoto and Rikako Asanuma performed on the piano, and Kyoko Tachinaka and Robert Hall sang for us.

When it was finished all of the couples lined up to have their photos taken by Alberto Faccon.

Finally, an important element which contributed towards making the event truly special were the Japanese missionaries and the tremendous love and care which they exhibited; attending, serving, and entertaining all of the newlyweds.

Thank you to True Parents for this incredible blessing, and thank you, to all the brothers and sisters who helped to make the event here in New York City a success!

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