Unification News for February 2000

The International "Hoon Dok Hae" Seminars

Thomas G. Walsh

The series of International Seminars, convened in Washington D.C., concluded with the seventh seminar, on January 20-23, 2000. Well over 200 participants from approximately 80 nations participated in the final seminar, and joined the great celebration of True Parents 80th Birthday on the evening of January 22nd.

The International Seminars began on July 29. The dates of the seminars were as follows:

Seminar I July 29 - August 1, 1999
Seminar II September 17 - 20, 1999
Seminar III October 10 - 13, 1999
Seminar IV October 29 - November 1, 1999
Seminar V November 27 - 30, 1999
Seminar VI December 10 - 13, 1999
Seminar VII January 20 - 23, 2000

Altogether the seminars were attended by approximately 1500 participants from more than 100 different nations. The seminars were sponsored by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the World University Federation and the World Media Association.

Participants were invited based on recommendations from IIFWP and FFWPUI representatives in the field, who had been directed to send high-level contacts in the fields of religion, politics, academia and the media. In this way, each participating nation had the opportunity to develop their foundation by cultivating leaders through direct contact with Father's word. Those nations which were able to fully participate throughout the entire series of seminars now have a core of well-informed, and in most cases, genuinely inspired allies in the work for world peace; evidenced by this sampling of participant responses:

"I found it stimulating and soul-reaching. The major concepts of Unificationism are all new to be and inspired me simply because of their closeness to the fundamental principles of most religions." Selwyn Liburn, St. Kitts

"I was very inspired by the special presentations on the Pure Love Alliance and the Religious Youth Service because they are very relevant to the situation in my country." Corrine McKnight, Trinidad and Tobago

"I plan to immediately put the contents of this seminar into action in owrking in the poverty-stricken areas of Quezon City." Erlinda Pelim, Philippines

"Because I am both Asian and Roman Catholic, I can fully accept the contents of this seminar." Dr. Chao Chin-Chi, Taiwan

"As a politician I need this kind of teaching." Ichiadi Moyo, Congo

"The seminar led to a renewal of my faith. I now believe that the family is the pillar of a new society and that true love will guide us to be better parents, better children and better citizens to build a better world." Rollo Setka Sadal, Panama

"Thanks to Rev. Moon I really feel like doing a lot of work to promote these kind of seminars....These presentations will remain forever in my mind." Marco Antonio Lima, Guatamala

"I see universal moral values in Rev. Moon's words, even though I am a non-believer. They can be applied to real life. These truths should become the basis for our live and our relationships." Nadezhda Kozlovsaya, Russia

"We need to take the ideals of love we have learned here and put them into practice." Florence Okpaleke, Nigeria

"I will focus on organizing seminars like this in the Philippines." Salma Rasul, Philippines

"Today there are ecological problems, youth problems, crime, drugs, family breakdown. Rev. Moon's teachings correctly identify the root of all these problems int he family. Rev. Moon's teaching is needed for the survival of humanity." Dr. Didria Nistreania, Moldova

The International Seminar series has helped expand the foundation of our movement in many parts of the world. In some cases, in fact, seminar alumni have already advanced into prominent positions in their respective countries. By way of example, one early seminar graduate from the Marshall Islands, was recently elected as President of the Marshall Islands.

Numerous participants have expressed interest in helping organize national and regional level seminars. Now that the International Seminars are concluded, the direction is for similar seminars to be convened under the direction of Continental Directors.

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