Unification News for February 2000

Satan Has Surrendered

by Peter Reiner—Ossining, NY

I have an interesting spiritual experience to share with you. Recently I went through a 3-day spell of restlessness. I was tossing and turning a lot, unable to sleep well. All day long I was feeling a kind of unexplainable "pressure" around me. On the 3rd night, the night before I was to teach a 1-day workshop, I was in bed with my eyes closed. I decided not to fight the "pressure" but to "look inside it." (This is difficult to explain.)

As I made this mental decision I began to hear a voice internally say to me "True Parents really did defeat me. I really do surrender!" Surprised, it was my strong feeling that this was the voice of Lucifer.

"We are no longer God's enemy," Lucifer continued. (The "we" I felt meant "he and the other fallen angels.") "The only enemy of God now is man." Next I felt him say to me he would assist me in my workshop the next day, to work on restoring the wrong way of teaching he had manipulated Adam and Eve with. Lucifer was, after all, a teacher.

I began telling my wife this experience. I was very excited internally. "I have a spiritual experience to tell you about," I said. "True Parents did it, they really did it!" "Did what?" she asked. "They defeated Satan—they really did! There is no more Satan! Of course, the satanic foundation is still here, and we can call that 'Satan', but the archangel himself has surrendered. We should not call him 'Satan' anymore, but 'Lucifer'." At first, my wife thought I had been dreaming—she said I sounded like I was talking in a dream. I assured her I was fully conscious.

Why was all of this suddenly popping into my head? This was more evidence to me of a legitimate experience. The "pressure" I had been feeling began to subside. I slept well, and my workshop the next day was, I felt, very deep. I did not feeling any direct presence but I felt the workshop was very moving to the guests, and successful.

I remembered the testimonies in 1999 about Lucifer's repentance and apologies to God and mankind. I hadn't really thought about them for quite a while. I "believed" those testimonies when I heard them. But now I know they were true.

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