Unification News for February 2000

Invitation to join the Japan-IFA e-group

Nick Bikkal
Tokyo, Japan
February 18, 2000

Dear International blessed couples,

A few weeks back we created for the IFA (International Family Association) members in Japan an e-group to which all and any Japanese - non-Japanese couple can join. It is meant to be a dialogue. We are over 150 strong living in Japan. We know also that there are countless such other couples world wide. Maybe some would like to hear about the members in situations similar to theirs in Japan, or in other parts of the world.

It's also free. We are also inviting couples who have some special affinity to Japan.

I believe it's been well received, and is giving people who have little or no contact with others in the same situation as yours a channel to express yourselves, hear what others have to say, etc.

Here's how to join:

Go to: Japan-ifa-subscribe@eGroups.com. This will send the computer the request. I will get it and sign you up. That's it. You'll be told how to surf the site.

There is no need retrieve the letters that are passed around. They come to you. When and if there is a desire to write you are welcome to do so. We also would like to receive news directly from the field far and wide. It's just another channel of information. There is no censoring of the letters as no gets to receive it before others. We therefore ask that you not make this a complaining source, but a source of information-giving for all others to read and grow with. We are following the spirit of True Parents.

Before joining please send me a brief explaining who you are, your Japanese interest and a little of what you're doing. Write to me, Nick Bikkal, at n-bikkal@path.ne.jp . I will send it out to the rest of the IFA membership.

Hoping to hear from some of you, My e-mail address is: <n-bikkal@path.ne.jp>

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