Unification News for February 2000

Loving Her at Second Sight

Ina Conneally

To Andy Compton and our Japanese sisters

"Well, now, Happy Valentine!
Are you the true love of mine,
Or the lady out of hell—
Who can tell?

Saw her walking down the mall
Pretty face and legs and all,
And her deep-blue eyes so bright:
This must be love at first sight!"

"Love is not just love for fun;
Take her o’er to Keiko-san!
Keiko senses, can find out
What her heart is all about."

"Only in God’s family
Can you find true unity;
Love is not a state of yearning
But of growing and of learning.

This will make your match just right:
Loving her at second sight.
Happy end, gold-setting sun:
Bless you in 2001!"

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