Unification News for January 2000

Poems by Ina Conneally

Ode to Father

You are the sun, a turning wheel of fire,
You are the moon, with mysteries so deep,
And like an eagle, soaring high and higher,
And like a rock: unconquerably steep.

You are the man with all the ages’ sorrow,
And with all tears, the loud and silent cries;
You are the child, the glory of tomorrow,
When in the dawn yesterday’s nightmare dies.

And when I look at you, away my mind is taken;
I want to be in you, for you are much in me.
You are the one who makes me so awaken,
You are the One. But who am I to be?


Walking under maple trees
the sun is sweeter this year, the shadows gentler
paper cluttered around first-born tulips
makes God more real: He, too, must read the Record daily:

Little boy so very hungry,
so very tired, he can’t
eat no more—
Eric running down the hallway, shooting happily
and, yes, the one who said, let’s get rid of

Clearly the sky is deeper this year,
and the sadness between fresh-laundered clouds—
I’m looking forward to my very own spring
that can smile unconsciously, like Derin,
just before he falls asleep.

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