Unification News for January 2000

Three Blessings

Asa Ashanti (Paschal)
Charlotte, NC

First Blessing

Adam Eve brother sister father mother
Through generations of poisoned blood
Cry out rescue us save us
Son brother descendant forgive us

Understanding I return their cry
Merge into their agony
Mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa
We embrace on bloody common ground

Begin our ascent back to God
Whom we spurned in lust-driven collusion
With the renegade angel
Who became at once enemy & false father

From him this tradition of death
This collective dash to destruction
Whereís our hope reprieve resurrection

Within every heart buried impulses
Push pull us up the thorny path
Pioneered by Hana-Nim Himself
Long before we knew Him or our history
Or possibility of human perfection

Second Blessing

Out of the subway
Familiar warm blackness
Nine-month oblivion
The infant cozes into light

Bloody slimey thoughtless
Gasps his first breath observes
Those first hovering faces
Heís the eagerly awaited fruit

Of vertical-horizontal love
Tender bud of unflawed love
Historical triumph undefiled by egotism & lust
Evidence of Hana-Nimís persistent logos

The will that demanded Satanís obliteration
And mankindís torturous rebirth
Here is consummation of Godís hope
Resurrection of original innocence

That insures liberation of erstwhile slaves
To lust & hellís crooked mean streets
This birth justifies manís existence
Removes the resentment & han of heaven & earth

Third Blessing

Whatís our reference
What makes the world ours
Money position power
Which world what desire

To own the world is to relinquish it
Knowing it belongs to Hana-Nim
As we once did & can again
If we give up ourselves

Begin from emptiness
To own what was meant for us
Thatís unwinnable via money & power
Wonít yield to force & self-indulgence

It only bows to those who love it
Even Hana-Nim bows to belongs to
The children who forget themselves
And run to Him with original joy

Creation glows sings dances
In the arms & hearts of true lovers
Of God & mankind
The only route to real dominion

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