Unification News for January 2000

Reflections on our Glorious 33rd True God's Day

by Betty LancasteróNYC

Up front I have to say this was the best God's Day I have ever experienced. (Even as I make this statement I am wondering if I have said the same thing before on other occasions!) But truly, from the eve of December 31 on through to the end of the Holy Day activities it was a most satisfying experience. When I asked myself why this was, I suppose I came up with a number of answers.

First of all was because of True Father himself. He seemed at peace, as though some important issues were resolved and he could move ahead rapidly now in God's history. Even with the vast gap between True Father and ourselves, still he can move ahead. He has paid so much indemnity and laid so many conditions that make all things possible. He has certain things in place now and every moment brings the Kingdom into closer reality.

Father is so handsome. He has a beautiful and unique "face of history." With the giant screen available to us this year to view the speakers up close, Father looked magnificent. People are always saying they cannot believe he is 80 years of age. When he smiles we have the inner feeling that "all is at peace in the world." And of course it is a fact of life that when True Father smiles the whole universe smiles. Naturally so.

When True Father gave speeches throughout this period he was Loving and Lovable. In fact, one would have to say that True Love was his main topic throughout. He instructed how to Love, how to Be Loved, and how to Build and Maintain Love. Of course history--past, present and future--were interwoven into all of this. To liberate God is True Father's greatest joy. He teaches us how to do this in order to hasten the day. The closer each of us comes to perfected Love, the greater will be God's liberation, hence our own total liberation. We are at the threshold of an ideal Family and an ideal Nation. Father was giving us all preparation for that.

The second reason that I found this to be the best holy day was because of the True Family participation in the entertainment. With seven members of the True Family performing and each one being the very best, it left us speechless! The brilliance of all of them is remarkable. A million kyungbaes and a million thank yous to True Family for injecting all of our generations with a powerful shot of vitality and love.

The third reason was perhaps because I was feeling peace within myself. On the Eve of December 31 I had the feeling that I was diving into a wonderful new dimension. It felt good. I was not only entering into something new and exciting but I was also departing from that which belonged to the past and I could forget all the indemnity from this point on. I honestly look forward to tomorrow. Great adventure is ahead--and hard work as well--I know that. But it's going to be much more satisfying to work while standing inside the Kingdom, rather than looking at it from afar! The master Planner has prepared heavenly property for us--the Planet Earth. Now we can do the clean up and decorating from this point on. Things are going to happen in our individual lives, within our families, our nations and our world and cosmos. It is not yesterday. We can forget yesterday. We can look for definite changes in everything.

And beyond these reasons, I felt a grateful heart toward the many hardworking members on Earth and in the Spiritual World who gave their sweat and their expertise to making it a most glorious event to begin the New Century, New Millennium and New Year 2000.

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