Unification News for January 2000

Florida Hoon Dok Hae Ministers Conference

Rev. Dae Hee Hong
Miami, FL

On Saturday, Nov. 13, 1999 the Florida Region hosted its first Hoon Dok Hae Ministers Conference in Miami. Rev. Michael Jenkins came from Chicago to lead a spirited rebirth of a new level of cooperation with the Ministers. It was an incredible event! We have been working with these ministers for several years and they have attended many events but they have always kept their distance and resisted becoming too involved with us. This conference was different! One long-time acquaintance, a Lutheran minister, stood up and gave a wonderful response to the reading of "The Kingdom of God." He is normally not inclined to ad-lib and go off on inspirational diatribes, but he waxed poetic and spoke from his heart, praising Rev. Moon and the Unification Church and the positive impact True Parents were having on America. Other ministers who spoke were so supportive of True parents and the Blessing. Everyone was sharing about the beauty of the common belief in God, love of each other as brothers and sisters, and the importance of working together with Rev. Moon to bring a new age and to "save America." After the conference, a delicious lunch was served. While eating, several of the Japanese sisters entertained with song and dance. The ministers were so inspired with Fatherís love for this nation and the incredible sacrifice of the Japanese sisters. Several ministers invited the Japanese sisters to come to their churches and even spend the night in their homes so they could participate in several activities going on in their churches. We could all feel the spirit of God, the presence of Jesus and the higher spirit world. The ministers were really elated to experience such a pure taste of heaven!

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