Unification News for January 2000

Universal Ballet Company Receives Korea's Culture and Arts Awards

Hoon Sook Nim is being recognized as the pioneer of Korean Ballet on the worldwide level. The 15 year-old Universal Ballet Company (UBC) received this years highest honorable prize, '99 Korea's Culture and Arts Awards' in the performing arts section. Hoon Sook Nim (Julia H. Moon), head of UBC, was awarded '99 Korea's Culture and Arts Awards' from President Kim Dae Jung of Korea, at the commemorative ceremony for the Day of Culture, held on October 20th, 1999, at a theater of culture & arts on Seoul university street, Seoul.

It was officially recognized in this award ceremony, the most significant event in the field of culture and arts, that UBC as an arts company supported completely by private funds has greatly devoted itself to the development of the Korean Ballet on to the worldwide level through about 950 official performances.

About 10 people were awarded Culture medals from President Kim in this ceremony. Rewarded for all awardee's labor, President Kim said in his congratulatory address, "I am ready to make my best effort for the development of culture and the travel industry which will be the key industry in the 21st century."

Korea Culture & Art Prize is awarded individual or group which has greatly contributed to the development of culture in 5 major sections such as art performance, culture, literature, fine arts and music. It was the first time to award a group. It was known that UBC's recent successful tour in 3 nations, Europe during 35 days from June 29 was decisively considered for this prize. UBC's performance in Europe has been favorably commented by culture and art groups, in that the performance was highly evaluated as worldwide top level by media in Europe, the home of the ballet, and thus UBC made Korean Ballet level move up and contributed to international PR for Korea. In the award ceremony Hoon Sook Nim expressed her feelings in accepting the award comment that UBC will be grown up as a worldwide company based upon its accumulated art skills and stable foundation for 15 years.

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