Unification News for July 1999

NJ Family Day At Camp Sunrise

Ken Hendricks
Clifton, NJ

Glorious weather and an overflow crowd of families filled the grounds of Camp Sunrise Sunday, June 20. NJ parents and children alike gathered to kick off the new summer season and prepare themselves both spiritually and physically for the upcoming Camp Sunrise Children’s Summer Workshop. Some of the teens arrived earlier on Friday and Saturday, along with workshop coordinator Brian Sabourin and workshop staffers, and spent the weekend cleaning and preparing for this special Sunday service, headed up by regional director, Rev. John Hong and state leader, Carol Pobanz.

The Sunday celebration service began with Holy Songs, a short sermon, project announcements and finally culminated with introductions of each of the Sunday School classes from pre-K to high school. Each child was awarded a diploma for his or her attendance in the classes. Each class then offered a bow and a song to the congregation, the leaders, teachers and to their parents and families.

This special Sunday service ended with awards presentations to all parent volunteers who had helped in any way whatsoever from song leading, to class instruction, to overall coordination. The service ended with three cheers of mansei lead by Rev. John Hong and a wonderful pot luck lunch prepared and offered by each family. Each family spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, boating, fishing, and simply enjoying each other and the creation around them.

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