Unification News for July 1999

Alumni Telethon Nets $27,500 In Pledges

The UTS Faculty lounge, augmented by lines of cord, a bank of phones, a large chalkboard listing goals, and bags of chips, was the venue for the Seminary's first alumni telethon between June 21-24. Organized by UTS Head Librarian, Dr. Tom Bowers, who had served as a volunteer in such drives while a student at Brigham Young University, the telethon was conducted in support of the UTS Annual Operating Fund. Each evening between 7:30 p.m. and midnight, two shifts of seminarian volunteers telephoned UTS graduates in America who previously had received a letter announcing the campaign. Proceeding systematically through the 480 graduates who were sent letters in the U.S., the earlier shift concentrated on the East and Midwest while the late night shift focused on the West.

The results of the telethon were gratifying. Out of the 480 graduates who were sent letters, seminarians were able to successfully reach 275. Of these, 215 offered pledges of support, more than 75%! The total amount pledged was $27,500 or an average pledge amount of nearly $128, surpassing the Seminary's goal of $120 annual giving per graduate. The largest single pledged donation was $1,200. As of July 9th, the UTS Finance Office had received $5,706 as forty-six alumni already had sent in their pledged donations. The Seminary will send receipts and a full accounting of the drive to all who donated.

Still, there is a long way to go to reach its Annual Fund goal of $60,000 in the U.S. Based on the strong support of its alumni, the Seminary will broaden the campaign to include UTS Board members, Faculty, and Staff. It also will verify telephone numbers and re-contact the more than 200 graduates in America who were missed during the initial telethon. UTS already has begun its drive to reach the more than 200 graduates in Japan for whom the pledge goal is $30,000. The Seminary will shortly commence its effort to reach alumni in Europe and elsewhere for whom the pledge goal is $10,000, making for a total annual operating fund goal of $100,000.

UTS is deeply grateful for the support of its graduates who stepped forward and demonstrated their commitment to educate the next generation of seminarians. In an era of increased donation requests, the Seminary is gratified by the response of those who recognize the importance of investing in leadership. In the words of Dr. Young Oon Kim, whom President Shimmyo quoted in his letter to alumni, "If you plan for one year, plant grain; if you plan for ten years, plant fruit trees; but if you plan for 100 years, then plant people." Those who wish to join UTS in a partnership to plant people are invited to send donations to its Annual Fund, c/o the UTS Finance Office, 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown, NY 12507.

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