Unification News for July 1999

Entertainment by NJ Music Ministry

True Day of All Things, June 1999
Christine Libon
New Jersey

Entering into the chapel, all eyes were immediately drawn to the pastel backdrop painted by Yoshi Watanabe. The stage scenery has never before been so beautiful. Thank you. And thank you to all who read this article, for giving me the pleasure of sharing my inspirations and heartfelt impressions. The spirit swept in immediately as Miss Cindy Yokpore read Rev. Moon’s words on the tradition of "True Day of All Things." As she prayed and invited God to join us and share the joy of the evening with us, it was apparent to me and to many in the audience that this is exactly what happened. Such a high spiritual atmosphere was created by the beauty of the songs and musical performances. Several people remarked about the unity and harmony of the adult choir which performed "We’ve Only Just Begun" and "Mexican Serenade."

As the two Haider sisters, Meadow and Dawn, played a piece from Handel on the violins, my mind drifted to thoughts of the value of such a wholesome endeavor shared between them. As Mika Kuwahara delivered "Getting to Know You" and Diana Santelli sang "Per la Gloria d’Adoravi," I witnessed the innocent and lovely expressions on each face, so sweet, so touching for God’s tender heart. I highly valued the efforts of all the artists. Sunmarie Allen played the pleasant and beautiful Minuet from Mozart’s "Don Giovanni" on the piano. Her brother Karlsun also presented a piano solo of the "Starlight Waltz" by C.S. Brinard. I have great respect for their hours of study and practice in their attempts to develop their faculties to the highest level.

The poetry readings by Mika Gagne and Ariella Carvell gave each listener a chance to meditate on those things which are God-given, all creation, which soothe and uplift our spirits.

Serving, befriending and witnessing to a hobo who responds to the opportunity from God was the theme of yet another original play by Diana Santelli and performed by the New Hope Players, directed by Cilene Garrison.

Did I forget to mention Sylvia Santelli and Mika Kuwahara’s hilarious delivery of Abbott & Costello’s routine "Who’s On First"? It was well done, and probably still has some of the audience baffled.

I can’t help but reiterate that the incredible beauty of these young people lies in their purity and Godly innocence. Their potential is immense. Not only their own parents, but God Himself is extremely proud and joyful to see these descendants striving to reach the highest peak in their lifetime. I felt truly privileged to be in the presence of even one true couple as they shared their humble hamburger dinner. I believe we hold each other in great admiration and respect, as parents, investing all to guide and raise precious children to maturity.

Closing the event, the Musical Angels presented selections from "West Side Story." The finale, "The Belvedere Song," was so moving! Many of us felt God was inviting us and the whole world to build memories together, and to walk together on this special journey to a somewhat secret destination of True Beauty.

Acknowledgments: Producer: Rev. John Hong, FFWPU of NJ, Pastor; Assistant Producer: Francesco Santelli, Music Minister; Sound Engineer: George Kazakos; NHC Coordinators: Yasuko Kono, Christine Libon; programs, fliers: Roger Bantawan; room set-up: Ali Karimov; Flowers, gift: Parents Association for Teens. A special word of thanks to Rev. Hong for initiating and supporting the Music Ministry providence in New Jersey, to Mr. George Allen, who has been our wonderful MC for many of our programs, to Mrs. Hope Igarashi and P.A.T. with the lovely flower presentation and Mr. Watanabe for his beautiful backdrop for our children’s play.

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