UTS Alumni 3 Day Conference at East Garden

Dr. Frank Kaufmann (Ď78)

From 9:00 am June 4, to 7:00 pm June 7,1999 278 UTS alumni from 1977 - 1998 gathered with True Father at East Garden. The Conference theme was "Reflection on the Past, and Reflection on Past Mistakes." (A concept to connote repentance-re-determination- endowed-reflection.)

Father opened the conference by surprising everyone with the news that it was to be a 3 day conference. Then he went on to explain that the present time corresponds to the time of Father's original mission in 1945. America is in the elder son's position, and the current mission to restore pure youth matches the original mission of a glorious Second coming had this providence been fully received by New Testament Christians. America is in the elder son's position vis a vis Father's plan to Bless the whole world. The conclusion of this section of the speech was that the victorious work among the pure youth of American Christians and Jews was a central cornerstone to this current providence of the 400 million Blessing.

Father explained his vision, concept, and reason for founding IIFWP, including the vision of a religious senate integrated into the United Nations, as well as the necessity for the UN to act as one nation.

He explained that the cornerstone of the ideal world is the establishment of ideal families, and how this is founded by each family in Jardim. In this context he explained the principles of restoration, the 3 day ceremony, and the role of women in relation to Father. He explained the importance of the upcoming Day of All Things, and indicated his expectation that those present at East Garden should also attend in Korea. (In fact 70 UTS graduates did go to Korea with a banner as requested by Father saying, "UTS graduates Vanguard of True Parents. See photo)

Father then had Marilyn Morris read Father's 1974 message "Godís Warning to America" followed by Tom McDevitt reading Hoon Duk Hae from "True Parents" (volume 10 ) (Tom read the majority of the Hoon Duk Hae throughout the conference and did a splendid job of it. At one point Father went and brought a chair over for him to sit on, but after sitting for a while, Tom jumped to his feet again as reading Fatherís words was giving him so much energy and inspiration.) Father interrupted at one point to explain the emerging age of "instant" or rapid "karma" or "judgment" through the close activity of ancestors and other figures from the spiritual world. This Hoon Duk Hae lasted until approximately 11 PM.

Saturday June 5, 1999

Hoon Duk Hae began at 6:00 am. Tom McDevitt read the entirety of Dr. Lee's first set of mediated communications entitled "Life in the Spirit World and on Earth." Following this Tim Elder translated-read simultaneously the entirety of those communications from Dr. Lee which have not yet been translated into English. This volume includes those interviews by Dr. Lee of individuals specifically requested by Father, including Maria Pak and Richard Nixon. Following this Tom McDevitt read the entirety of the just translated Dr. Lee volume on the Crimes of Lucifer, which includes a spiritual analysis of diseases, and Lucifer's letters of repentance to God, to True Parents, and to Humankind, among other chapters.

Following this Linda Howell read "Who Am I," namely excerpted translations of Korean Prophesy from the 16th century, as well as from Nostradamus. Michael Jenkins read "Father's Letter to the 360 Million Blessed Couples," which was published in newspapers throughout the world.

At 7:00 PM Father spoke. He explained the 4 great realms of the heart, and expounded on Life, Love, Lineage, and Conscience, in the context of the paramount centrality, necessity, and significance of one's spouse, as the "author" of my own existence as a being of love. He spoke very intimately and explicitly about conjugal, sexual relations and activity. He told personal stories about his life, and the history of his mission and relationship with America. Then he spoke about the principles, and theological and historical dynamics pertaining to the current direction for 400 million pure, Blessed, young couples.

He directed UTS graduates to send one UTS student per year to UTS for 3 years. He spoke about witnessing and fund-raising being linked to framed copies of his "Speech to the 360 Million Couples." He spoke of the specific direction of the IIFWP, and his plans to work with embassies in Washington D.C. and in New York. He urged all UTS graduates to move to Washington D.C. or New York (*he later added a 3rd modified option), and reiterated that this time is like the time of his original starting point in his mission (1945).

He introduced a 4 area paradigm for his work, "Ideology" (DP, UT, VOC), World University Federation (WUF), Media, and Banking, Insurance, and Investment. "These four areas are supported by Father's foundation in the Washington D.C. area."

Father then invited Mr. Joo's report (Washington Times and related matters), Dr. Chin's report (Bridgeport University), and Peter Kim's report (on Mother's tour). Father spoke about the vessel "Top Ocean," and the Krill harvesting initiative in Antarctica.

Sunday, June 6, 1999

5:00 am Pledge. 6:00 am Hoon Duk Hae followed by Sunday Service to everyone until 12:00 to several thousand at East Garden. There was special emphasis on the fact that only Father can mediate the resolution of the relationship between God and Satan, and a profound (metaphysical) analysis of couples relationship. Father fed everyone in attendance following the speech throughout East Garden property. After the morning sermon, Father spoke to UTS graduates until 7 PM before dismissing the conference.

He spoke about ways, perspectives and behaviors to succeed in one's mission and various endeavors. He explained how conceiving of one's responsibilities through the lense of the great "family relations" (4 great loves) can yield applied success in various fields of endeavor and how all our organizations need to be based upon a family model.

He added the 3rd option for all graduates that whether they move "east" or stay in their states they must conduct Church and "Washington Times" work there and report to Rev. Yang and Mr. Joo.

He discussed finance and the nature of "risk taking." He spoke about the history of the Unification movement in relation to American history from 1972 to the present; the various presidential administrations and so forth.

He spoke of his upcoming plan for the deployment of Japanese missionaries to 180 nations, and the theological and providential foundation for this action. He spoke of the vision and responsibilities and theology of National Messiahship.

He whispered for hours to one or two people in the front of the room. He had all couples in the room line up and kiss and dance. He concluded with his "small black book" and enumerated writing including:

1. Who is responsible for saving the nation? UTS graduates .

2. A Ph.D. association should be formed

3. Leaders be trained under Washington Times education, and Church education.

4. Take responsibility for Christian Churches.

This is an inadequate, subjective summary of over 44 hours with Father, and 10's of pages of notes.

Extensive photographs of the conference are available via internet from Gerry Lux at GERRYOKO@aol.com