Unification News for July 1999

Dae Mo Nim in Chicago

by Richard B. LemontóChicago, IL

In spite of bad weather, over 1300 people came to Dae Mo Nim's ceremony on April 22, 1999 at the Westin Hotel in Chicago from several regions.

Dae Mo Nim was very happy and she said we could finish the ceremony in a short time because the atmosphere was very good.

Many people made their donations and many people had spiritual experiences.

Rev. Peter Tonkumoh from Chicago testified that when he went out for weekend fund raising one customer bought a total of $1000 in flowers. He felt his ancestors really supporting him. blessed her couple.

A week after the ceremony a pre-blessed woman called the church. Her husband had recently died and she wanted to get another copy of her blessing certification. As she cried over the telephone she remembered the name of the Japanese missionary who blessed her couple. It shows the strong impression we have on the people we meet.

One Japanese sister had the experience of suddenly remembering the name of her grandmother and feeling her desperate desire to be recognized. An American brother could hear his ancestors calling out names trying to find everyone to attend the ceremony. Another brother used Dae Mo Nim's name to gain control over his ancestors and have them stand in organized lines at the ceremony. An American sister suddenly received a letter from relatives with a photo of the tombstone of a family member and felt their desire to be included in the ceremony.

Dae Mo Nim promised to return after 100 days to give blessing to our ancestors.

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