Unification News for April / May 1999

True Mother Named "Super Marathon Runner"

by Rev. Mitch Dixon -- Toronto, Canada

True Mother Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon immediately the next day, opened her world speaking tour of 32 countries in Toronto, Canada on April 12, 1999, after successfully completing 24 cities in the United States in 24 days, 16 cities in Japan, and 8 cities in Korea. Toronto was her 49th city out of 80. True Mother, in her ardent prime, has been giving her all. Father Terry Gallagher, Scarborough Catholic Missions, introduced her at the event. Father Gallagher, is his late sixties, is an avid marathon runner. He said, "I am a marathon runner, but this grandma [True Mother] is a "super marathon runner." She has been speaking on five world tours since 1993 at an arduous pace. We commend her as she carries her message of true love throughout the world." Emcee for the night was Rev. Michael Jenkins with Dr. Tyler Hendricks offering special remarks, both veterans on the course after 24 cities.

The event in Toronto was highlighted by the attendance of 35 dignitaries including 15 Christian ministers, 6 religious leaders, including Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhists. Several Cultural organizations participated as well. Several letters of welcome were sent to Dr. Moon from local dignitaries. Imam Hussein Ackbarally offered the innovation, and Joan Elliott, a local recording artist, performed the national anthem "O' Canada".

An overflow crowd of 1000 magnified the event. In fact it was standing room only way down the corridor of the Ontario Science Centre. The Imperial Oil Auditorium has a capacity of 480. The overflow was turned away due to fire code regulations.

For the luckier ones who come early, the evening was an enchantment as True Mother's smile and sparkling eyes exhibited a heart of true love to those representatives of Canada. She wore a pastel orange suit, and with bright facial expressions and a message of profound significance, she won them all.

Dr. and Mrs. Chae Hee Lee, Mrs. Tsuneko Habara, and Rev. and Mrs. Mitch Dixon, as national messiahs, headed the preparation for the event. Extreme preparations were conducted by a team of 35 Japanese missionaries headed by Mrs. Mikiko Tanaka, and 20 Korean students from Sun Moon University headed by Rev. and Mrs. In Teck Seo. Rev. Abdoulaye Wone, Rev. Stoyan Tadin, Rev. In Teck, Seo, Rev. Mitch Dixon, Mrs. Aila Willitts, Rev. Daniel Stringer, Mrs. Anita Wells, Mr. Michel Lajeunesse, and Mr. Lito Paghubasan spearheaded the VIP work. Sybil Wone took care of all decorations. Mr. Douglas White videographed the event. Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Seo, and Mrs. Lilly Tadin did a superb job taking care of True Mother, including cooking a Korean feast. Canadian members greatly supported and helped the event by contributing funds, encouraged by Mrs. Shigeko Nishikawa, Mrs. Keiko King, and Mr. Franco Famularo, and by bringing their friends and relatives. Thanks to all, especially the ones who worked behind the scenes with no recognition such as Mrs. Fumiko White and Mrs. Diane Dixon who did the accounting.

A crew of five headed by Mr. Michael Trusilo provided True Mother's transportation and security. They performed a smooth and flawless service. True Mother was on the move again as she departed here 10 hours later than she arrived. True Mother was happy and victorious. The highlight for me was taking a picture with her at the plane on her departure.

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