Unification News for April / May 1999

True Mother's Speech Philadelphia

Jubilant and Spiritual Atmosphere Throughout the Event

Anslie Abraham -- Philadelphia, PA

Before any report or comments about the above event I want to extend my heart felt gratitude and appreciation to all the members, who contributed to this event with their Blood, Sweat and Tears, especially New Jersey members. Without the unwavering commitment and dedication of the members the victory in Philadelphia was but a mere dream. Yes! Behind every victory there stands a faithful Leader through whom God does His miracles. I want to take this opportunity to thank Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong for his dynamic leadership, his determination and his unfailing faith in our members. May God richly bless him, his family and all the New Jersey members.

These are some of the people involved in making the event such a sucess:

Regional Director: Rev. Joong Hyun Pak Executive Event Director: Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong Mobilization: State Director Anslie Abraham Sponsors: FFWPU and WFWP Pennsylvania Co-Sponsored by: PA Parents Day Foundation, Minister's Banquet hosted by Parents Day Foundation. Attendance: About 700 Emcee: Rev. Michael Jenkins, FFWPU America Midwest Director Special Remarks: Dr. Tyler Hendricks, FFWPU America President (Received Standing Ovation) Introduction to True Mother: Dr. Leonard Swidler, Professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Editor, Journal of Ecumenical Studies. Founder and Director, Institute for Interreligious Intercultural Dialogue.

VIPs: (ALC & ICC contacts) names: Rev. and Mrs. Terrence Griffith, Project Director Independent Ministers Conference. Rev. Jesse Edwards, President of the. PA Parents Day Foundation, Pastor of The Pentecostals of Philadelphia. Founder and Director of Philadelphia Christian Academy. Rev. and Mrs. (Judge) Henry Fordham (Mrs. Fordham is a sitting judge.) Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Templeton, Co-Pastors, Good Hope Baptist Church. Thomas Twine, President, Twine & Assoc. Rev. Dr. Gerald Howard, Pastor, Nehemiah Worship Center. Rev. Henry Wells, President and CEO, One Day at a Time. Minister Curtis Muhammad, West Philadelphia Nation of Islam. Mr. William Walls, Ass't. District Attorney, City of Philadelphia. Dr. Rev. Dwight Campbell, Philadelphia Housing Authority. Rev. Wycliff Jangdharee Refomed Seventh Day Adventist Church Dr. Rev. Handel Williams and Wife Rev. Ethel Boyd Williams Rev. Adeniran Samuel Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ

Proclamations: Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge Representative Frank Farafeni Congressman Chaka Fattah Pennsylvania State Senate City of Philadelphia, Mayor Edward Rendell City of Pittsburgh City of Scranton State Senator Robert Mellow

Invocation: Rev. Jesse Edwards, President Parents Day Foundation. Pastor, The Pentecostals of Philadelphia. Founder and Director, Philadelphia Christian Academy.

The video: Received many rounds of applause! Music Selection: Colleen Hughes, daughter of Rev. Edwards, sang an original Christian Song (In Your Hands) that was very beautiful and created a more spiritual and deep atmosphere.

True Mother presented WFWP "Woman of Peace 1999" Awards to twelve women leaders: Vicki Tate, WFWP President Kamala S. Bose, Consultant on Health and Aging. Denise K. Carey, Youth Development. Josephine Clarke, OES Foster Parent. Harriet Faison, Friends of the Elderly Project. Grace Kang, President, Chinese American Women's Sisterhood Society of Philadelphia. Belinda Jenkins, OES Youth Coordinator. Andrea Lawrence, OES Youth Coordinator. Ruthie Mellaby, Courageous Prison Ministry. Karen Shockley, Public Housing Service. Gwen Tucker, Fundraiser for OES.

Flowers presented by Rev. Dr. Handel and Ethel Williams. Mayor Rendell's proclamation was presented by Hon. Joan Reeves.

Victory Celebration Room: Celebration was not too long but it was beautiful. Many Philadelphia Clergy attended the Celebration.. New Jersey UC Children's Choir sang a beautiful original song by Ken Hendricks, Director. True Mother was connected with True Father at Jardim through phone call. Father, Mother and many members sang on both sides of the phone call. Finally True Mother created a very high spiritual atmosphere by singing Edelweis and a Korean song, and then Father sang Korean dancing songs. All the members and guests in Philadelphia danced as Father sang. In his report Dr. Tyler Hendricks said, "It was the most high-spirited victory celebration so far."

Highlight Mobilization: 1. One brother, Mr. Lin Ming, A Clifton Church NJ member was sent by Rev. Hong to witness to Chinese community in Philadelphia's China town. In 6 weeks of witnessing time this brother brought incredible result. He contacted almost all Chinese business, News papers and Churches. He also met a Chinese Women's group and was able to bring over hundred Chines guests to True Mother's speech.. He got ads in 2 Chinese News papers and News articles in 6 News papers including one in International News paper. Since Chinese people like to celebrate with food, Rev. Hong with a small budget was able to allow a dinner treat for the Chinese participants. So the Brother Lin Ming gave out 130 Dinner tickets with invitations. Altogether 100 dinners were served and it cost us $ 700.00.

2. Another Japanese brother Kunihiko, who is a college professor was able to bring 20 young students of his Class. His strategy was that he asked his students to write a 20 pages paper on Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, earlier he educated them through showing the video, "Global implication of Family Value in the Twenty first Century" very clever. The Students were very inspired and happy. Later the students also attended the Victory Celebration with True Mother.

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