Unification News for April / May 1999

Dallas Chief of Police Introduces True Mother

Bruce Biggins

All pieces came together to make a beautiful picture at True Mother’s event in Dallas. To have the Dallas chief of police, Mr. Bennie Click, introduce Mother was the final piece which made the event such a success.

Everyone in our region worked hard as we began in earnest on March 1 under the direction and guidance of our regional director, Rev. Jin Churl You. Members from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and from the rest of Texas all contributed greatly to True Mother’s speaking program. We immediately began crafting invitation letters, loading information into our computers and making lists of VIPs we wanted to invite. One brother began calling people who attended our last event and in a matter of two or three days we had over 100 confirmations.

Our strategy was to give community service awards and thus get their groups to attend and also to work with the churches to form an interfaith choir with their involvement. Working in this manner we were able to bring about 170 people alone.

We approached government and community leaders in an attempt to find a VIP who could introduce True Mother, but we were having no success. We had dropped an invitation off at the Dallas police chief’s office. Then a few days later we received a call from his secretary, saying "My boss is coming." I called back and found out it was Mr. Click. We then dropped Mr. Click another letter inviting him to introduce True Mother. Just ten days before the program, we got another call back saying that he would do so. We were so relieved and grateful. When he introduced Mother at the speech, we could see why God had chosen this man. He is a very humble and energetic person. In fact, he goes out into the Dallas community and does volunteer service every week. After True Mother spoke he presented her with a Dallas Police pin and pinned it on her. True Mother was very pleased.

We had wonderful community service organizations to which we presented awards. One of the recipients had received an award from former President George Bush as one of his "Thousand Points of Light" and more recently a national award from President Clinton. Those receiving awards were Bea’s Kids, JONES 2000, Irving Together, Inc., the Cottrell Halfway House, Sisters On The Move, Victory Fellowship Ministry, and the Tony Hormillosa Ministry. Many of the directors were deeply moved by the event, and particularly by True Mother. Several expressed a desire to work together with us and to assist us in any way possible in our work.

Hats off to Craig Williams from Houston in putting together an interfaith choir and for his work with the ministers. We had a 70-member interfaith choir which provided heavenly music prior to the program. The Nation of Islam and Dr. Wendell Blair on behalf of his 120-member church union made beautiful presentations to True Mother.

The post-event celebration with True Mother was an occasion filled with a victorious and joyful feeling. Father had returned from Brazil and was in East Garden at the time we had our victory celebration. Songs were sung back and forth—first in our celebration room, then at East Garden, then back in Dallas, etc. In our audience at Dallas were many VIPs including Dr. Lonnie Kleiver, chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University. The president of the Oak Cliff Ministers’ Union (120 churches), Dr. Blair, who loves and deeply appreciates Mother, sang a beautiful song for her and True Father. Another minister from Louisiana also sang a deeply moving song which touched everyone in the room. The finale consisted of True Father and True Mother singing for everyone, following by dancing at the end.

Though tired, we felt victorious and grateful to make a good offering; still, we realized we could have done much better and there is so much more still to do. We are so very grateful to Heavenly Father for the Dallas chief of police, Mr. Bennie Click, and we look forward to building our friendship with him.

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