Unification News for April / May 1999

2nd Gen. Teen Experiences in Korea

This stories are from the newsletter of the Education in Korea Program for teens

Dae Mo Nim
by Rachel Paine, GOP

Before I went to Chung Pyung, I thought Mrs. Kim would be pretty cool: strong spirited and everything. But when I went to Chung Pyung, it was a lot more than I had expected. She is so inspiring! She really gives it to you. I got really inspired and motivated by her. Love was just radiating from her. I wanted to go up and give her a hug. She felt like my mother practically. I felt really close to her. It was quite an experience. I felt I could really relate to her. It was like she was so nice and gentle, but then so firm, strong and powerful. In her speech, we talked about the bad stuff that we did, we repented. I felt guilty and then it was like we put it aside and talked about the future, how to succeed and what not to do. Her talk was very meaningful. It got very deep: the forces of good and evil, their influences on you. She made you feel like you could do anything. You know that "Bring It On" kind of feeling. Well, I think Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim are awesome women and they make an awesome pair. They really inspired me.

Ancestors’ Liberation at Chung Pyung Lake
by Henry Freeland, GOP

On the last day of our three-day workshop we gathered in the main hall to do an ancestors’ liberation ceremony. First, Dae Mo Nim gave us a speech on ancestors and how she had prayed for all our ancestors to come. She gave us clear instructions how to do the ceremony. After that the ansu session started. I tried to invest my 100% and sang with a clear voice. When the ansu was over, we prayed a special prayer. First, we had to pray for the spirits who had resentment towards us and our ancestors to leave. Then we prayed for the ancestors to come so that the angels could take them to he spirit world where they attend a 100-day DP workshop. I prayed really sincerely and I saw two people come in. They said: "I will go now." Then I saw a couple of people walking into a lecture hall with brown chairs. They sat down and one particular lady looked at me. She said nothing. Suddenly I saw a pair of eyes which said, "I will take care of your ancestors if you promise to study hard and win the speech contest." I said "Yes" and finished my prayer with a lot of tears and I thanked God over and over again. This was a very awesome experience. Back at the dorm now I try to study hard. It’s not easy. Life goes on.

The Liberation of our Ancestors
by Masataka Kubo, GOP

The Western Program had gone to Chung Pyung, and on the third day we were there we had a chance to liberate some of our ancestors. We did this at the main hall at Chung Pyung. We all went to the main hall and waited until Dae Mo Nim came up to the stage. She spoke on how much she had prepared for us to be able to liberate our ancestors. Then we started a short ansu session. After ansu we got ready to start the actual part where we actually liberate our ancestors. We did this by praying very loud. We prayed that our ancestors could come and get liberated and that they could go to a 100-day DP workshop. Then they have a 40-day workshop of studying about blessed family life. Finally they come down to Chung Pyung until the people who liberated them come again to Chung Pyung. These ancestors (as good spirits) stay with the people who liberated them and help them with their problems. After Chung Pyung we all now have a 100-day prayer condition so we can receive guidance for our ancestors in their 100-day workshop. I think this was a good experience for everyone. I was hoping I would see something special during the prayer, but I didn’t. However, I still think it was a really special experience.

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