Unification News for March 1999

WFWP-USA to Hold Convention in New York

April 1999 marks the 7th Anniversary of WFWP. To commemorate 7 years of projects, programs, conferences, sisterhood ceremonies and speeches, WFWP-USA will hold its first annual convention in New York City on April 23rd and 24th. Invitations have already been sent out to over 6000 members and their contacts nationwide.

The convention will also be the setting for WFWP-USA’s second annual "Woman of the Year" Awards. The awards will be presented at a special luncheon at the United Nations.

In planning the convention, the National Executive Committee decided to have the first days program at the United Nations, focusing on current women’s issues such as women’s health, female genital mutilation, trafficking of women and poverty.

Mrs. Motoko Sugiyama, President of WFWP-International along with Dr. Christine Durbak, founder and President of World Information Transfer will co-sponsor the first days program at the U.N.

The second day of the convention will focus on the development of WFWP leadership. There will be workshops and training facilitated by specialists teaching how to build up non-profit organizations. We are happy to announce that fifty percent of the cost of this very special workshop is being underwritten by a corporate grant.

We also offer this excellent workshop opportunity to leaders of other organizations knowing that the information will help many others in building their non-profit organizations. The topics will include fundraising, getting and keeping volunteers, getting the word out about what you are doing and other fundamental skills needed to build an organization.

But register quickly, we do have limited space for both days. We look forward to this great event. Any questions please call our National Office at 212-481-3922.

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