Unification News for March 1999

Teen Experiences in Korea

This nine stories are from the newsletter of the Education in Korea Program for teens

Hyun Jin Nim’s Visit

Young Il Loew, 3rd Grade

I remember seeing Hyung Jin Nim once. It was about six years ago, and I remember after his speech he called the blessed children into a small room and talked to us. The thing I remember most was the feeling he was my elder brother and was trying his best to take care of us. The next time I saw him I was sitting in the front row of Chungpadong church, listening to him give a speech. He was not just speaking to blessed children, but to a whole church full of people. But he still talked in the same way, as if he would care for us, and help us to be strong; and that he would always be there for us, as our elder brother. He talked about many important things: about the winds of change and how we must act in this settlement era. He talked about putting the flesh on the bones that were created by Father. He came to our dormitory a few days later and talked about connecting with the first generation and True Parents’ lineage. He talked about the purpose of studying in Korea and how it made you closer to God. All of these things he talked about, and all of these things in themselves could have been inspiring. But they were nothing compared to the joy on his face and the way he talked to us. You could see that he was determined to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. You could see on his face how much he loved us, and the only thing I can say is how glad I am to have such a wonderful brother.

Hyun Jin Nim Comes To Town

Tokuhiro Shimoyama & Eikoku Ikeno, preps, and Jane Kinney, GOP

After Hyun Jin Nim’s Sunday speech, we received a message that Hyun Jin Nim would come to our dorm thanks to our thoughtful Western dorm parent, Jeri Sunsaengnim. We prepared our hearts for him until the day he could come. We will never forget when Hyun Jin Nim came to our dorm; everyone was frantically cleaning up. We thought he was going to come early, but only after a long period of eager waiting did he finally arrive. This time he talked about learning Father’s culture, language and tradition in order to understand God because the closest children to Father are those who understand him. It is also hard for us because we have no original sin so Satan attacks us more. Because of that we have to cherish our 5% responsibility. As second generation we are historical people. We cannot only think of today but also of the past and the future combined.

Hyun Jin Nim is very good at speaking in front of people. The whole atmosphere of the room was very alive. It was impossible to get tired. Afterwards, Hyun Jin Nim looked at the new dorm while we all followed. While some of our teachers forbade our following Hyun Jin Nim, some students were desperate to go so they just ran in along with him. He came out looking happy, and then all the students from the dorm took group pictures with him. At the end we were inspired to go the right way and we truly felt as if he was our true elder brother.

Divine Principle Lecture Contest

Francesca Hill and Mara Jenkins, GOP

After a few days of attending a workshop by our teachers, we were assigned to give our own lecture. Everyone was given a certain topic to lecture on, with one day’s preparation. We also were assigned a diagram to draw with our topic.

At first overwhelmed, we found it overall a good experience.

Once we found out our topic, we frantically got to work. We all studied and took notes on the chapter we were assigned to and made our diagram based on that. At the end of the day, we paired up with partners, and practiced giving our lectures. It was hard but interesting work.

The contest took place on the morning of Dec. 31, 1998. Dressed up nicely, we all went downstairs and began lecturing according to the order in the Divine Principle book. Everybody did a very good job. Each and every lecture was very interesting, and we learned a lot from everyone. They were presented very well, and the diagrams were clear and colorful.

Everyone did a great job; the winners were:

GOP’s: Rachel Paine won for best presentation. Jennifer Hill won for content, and Alexandra Sices won for diagram.
PREPS: Toku Shimoyama won for best diagram. Jeremy Carlson won for content. Eikoku Ikeno won for presentation. Taein Hankins won for overall best lecture.

The judges said it was a very hard decision. This was a good experience for all of us and we hope we can do it again in the future.

Three-Day Workshop

Amadea Jessen, GOP

Part of our Christmas vacation included a three-day workshop. We had three lectures a day. Steve Sunsaengnim gave the lecture on the Purpose of the Messiah. James Sunsaengnim gave the lectures on the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds, the Fall of Man, the Three Great Blessings, Attitude in the Last Days, Principle of Restoration, and the Foundation for the Messiah.

Everyone took notes. The lectures were very inspiring. They really clarified how God was trying to bring the world back to Him. The lectures also showed how easily Satan can turn people to him to become faithless. We could realize the relief that someone could stand strong and faithful, finally. It made you want to help as much as you could to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Then a man named Kim Young Jun visited us. He talked to us about how important our purity was and our position as Blessed Children. He referred to us as the ugly ducklings. Everyone thinks that we are ugly ducklings and that we are cast out, but then we surprise everyone by becoming beautiful swans. He told us that no matter how hard we try to be like the outside people or ducks, we will always become swans.

He explained that we must stay pure until our Blessing Day comes. If we have ever kissed or gone out with someone, we will feel regret when the Blessing Day arrives. We must stay pure and accomplish our responsibility.

He was very friendly, and really set a determination in us. I know that I was very inspired, and others were too.

That afternoon, we went to Chungpadong Church. We said a prayer before we went in, and then saw the room where Mother gave birth to six of the True Children. We saw the bathroom where she slept, and Father’s room, the place where the Blessings were held, and all the Church members’ rooms.

I felt really good to actually be in the house. You could just feel all of them there and see how it was. I loved it so much.

Then we went to the souvenir store. There were books, CD’s, mirrors, necklaces, and so on. It was a really good experience.

All in all, the workshop was really good.

My Home Stay Experience

Lenora DeRoy, GOP

Homestay is when a GOP goes to a Korean family’s house and experiences the tradition, culture and language of Korea.

The first day I got to the house I would be staying in for four days, I felt lonely and very sad. I missed my friends, and I didn’t really like the idea of staying somewhere where communication would be a big barrier. That soon changed though, because I got to know and understand the family. They treated me with a lot of kindness.

They were very curious, and asked me all sorts of questions. They couldn’t seem to understand why my hair was brown, and why it didn’t always snow in Alaska.

I had the best Korean food there. Since there was an opportunity to eat all that good food, I decided to take the advantage.

They taught me how to make two delicious dishes: sushi and kimchi dumplings.

I felt like I was in a family environment there. I had kind of missed that at the dormitory.

There were times I could understand a word they said, and vice versa. But we always pretended we knew exactly what one another was saying.

One time the eleven-year-old boy at my homestay asked me if he spoke good English. I said very good, but actually it was OK. Then I asked him if my Korean was good. He said it was OK.

I learned a lot about Korean culture and tradition while I was at homestay. Now I feel like I can understand Korean people better.

I’m very thankful for this experience. I will never forget it.


Jeremy Carlson, Prep

This year’s homestay experience was better for me than last year’s because this year I spoke Korean.

We all started out in Han Sung Church, the church next door to us. Then we divided up and went to different churches where we were picked to go to homestay by our homestay families.

It was hard for me in the beginning because I felt all alone and I couldn’t express myself to anyone. But when the mother of the family came I felt more at ease. Each of our own homestays were different, going to different places, eating different kinds of foods, with different children and parents in our homestay families, and so on.

But for me, even though I didn’t go anywhere special, I got what I always wanted: to speak in only Korean for a few days. I learned a lot of Korean culture there too. It was definitely a different life in that home for me. I feel that I gained a lot from this year’s homestay. I was able to speak lots of Korean, I learned the Korean culture inside of a Korean Unification family, and I was able to make friends with a Korean family.

I am very grateful for being given that experience and I can’t wait to go again.

Dae Mo Nim

Rachel Paine, GOP

Before I went to Chung Pyung, I thought Mrs. Kim would be pretty cool: strong spirited and everything. But when I went to Chung Pyung, it was a lot more than I had expected. She is so inspiring! She really gives it to you. I got really inspired and motivated by her. Love was just radiating from her. I wanted to go up and give her a hug. She felt like my mother practically. I felt really close to her. It was quite an experience. I felt I could really relate to her. It was like she was so nice and gentle, but then so firm, strong and powerful.

In her speech, we talked about the bad stuff that we did, we repented. I felt guilty and then it was like we put it aside and talked about the future, how to succeed and what not to do. Her talk was very meaningful. It got very deep: the forces of good and evil, their influences on you. She made you feel like you could do anything. You know that "Bring It On" kind of feeling.

Well, I think Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim are awesome women and they make an awesome pair. They really inspired me.

Ancestors’ Liberation at Chung Pyung Lake

Henry Freeland, GOP

On the last day of our three-day workshop we gathered in the main hall to do an ancestors’ liberation ceremony.

First, Dae Mo Nim gave us a speech on ancestors and how she had prayed for all our ancestors to come. She gave us clear instructions how to do the ceremony.

After that the ansu session started. I tried to invest my 100% and sang with a clear voice. When the ansu was over, we prayed a special prayer. First, we had to pray for the spirits who had resentment towards us and our ancestors to leave. Then we prayed for the ancestors to come so that the angels could take them to he spirit world where they attend a 100-day DP workshop. I prayed really sincerely and I saw two people come in. They said: "I will go now." Then I saw a couple of people walking into a lecture hall with brown chairs. They sat down and one particular lady looked at me. She said nothing. Suddenly I saw a pair of eyes which said, "I will take care of your ancestors if you promise to study hard and win the speech contest." I said "Yes" and finished my prayer with a lot of tears and I thanked God over and over again.

This was a very awesome experience. Back at the dorm now I try to study hard. It’s not easy. Life goes on.

The Liberation of our Ancestors

Masataka Kubo, GOP

The Western Program had gone to Chung Pyung, and on the third day we were there we had a chance to liberate some of our ancestors.

We did this at the main hall at Chung Pyung. We all went to the main hall and waited until Dae Mo Nim came up to the stage. She spoke on how much she had prepared for us to be able to liberate our ancestors. Then we started a short ansu session. After ansu we got ready to start the actual part where we actually liberate our ancestors. We did this by praying very loud. We prayed that our ancestors could come and get liberated and that they could go to a 100-day DP workshop. Then they have a 40-day workshop of studying about blessed family life. Finally they come down to Chung Pyung until the people who liberated them come again to Chung Pyung. These ancestors (as good spirits) stay with the people who liberated them and help them with their problems.

After Chung Pyung we all now have a 100-day prayer condition so we can receive guidance for our ancestors in their 100-day workshop.

I think this was a good experience for everyone. I was hoping I would see something special during the prayer, but I didn’t. However, I still think it was a really special experience.

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