Unification News for March 1999

Family Study & Fellowship Evening A Big Hit at the Bay Area Family Church

Bento Leal -- San Leandro, CA

On Friday, January 15th. the first Family Study & Fellowship Evening took place at our new Bay Area Family Church – it was a huge success. More than 130 parents and children attended that first evening and thoroughly enjoyed the study and fellowship. The attendance has remained high each Friday since.

The format is simple: At 7:30 pm, everyone gathers in the 2nd floor Fellowship Hall in a big circle to sing a couple of Holy Songs. Then, each person goes to their classroom by grade (Pre K-K, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, teenagers, adults) for Divine Principle lecture and discussion. Afterwards, everyone gathers back in the Fellowship Hall for snacks, drink and sharing together. By 8:45 pm, the program is over, but many people often remain much later.

By having the classes grouped by grade and age level, the education and atmosphere can really be directed and experienced in the most productive and meaningful ways by all the participants. All the families look forward to return for class and fellowship the following week.

The value of this type of family study and fellowship together as a church community is many-fold: 1) Each person has direct give and take with the Divine Principle, the Word of Life, 2) We study and fellowship within our various age groups, dealing with the Principle in age-appropriate ways, and 3) It’s all done as families together – a real family night. In addition, one of our long-term hopes is that our Bay Area Family Church members will invite their non-church friends to attend. There are many parents in the world looking for wholesome places to bring their children; our Friday evening study fellowships can be a great answer for them.

The plan is to continue these programs each Friday evening starting at 7:30 pm.

If you haven’t attended yet, please come – you’ll love it. Also, if you’re interested to learn how to lecture, this is an ideal place to learn how.

Let’s continue to attend and grow this wonderful program. This regular and direct give-and-take with God’s holy word and each other is a most nourishing and fulfilling aspect of our lives, our couples, our families, and our community.

See you Friday evening!

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