Unification News for March 1999

A Message from Friends of Tom and Kitty Wojcik

Lynn Criner

This is written on behalf of Tom and Kitty Wojick.

The Wojicks served as missionaries in Russia and were, at one time, planning to go to Pakistan as national messiahs. However, last year, Tom nearly died because of liver failure and he could not get a liver transplant. Then, it turned out that his wife, Kitty, was able to save his life by giving him half of her liver. This was a very fortunate event for their family. There has been much rejoicing for them.

However, Tom is still very seriously ill. The medicine on which his life depends (because it keeps him from rejecting his new liver) is sickening him and he has, among other things, developed full-blown diabetes. He is exceedingly weak. Kitty has not yet recovered from donating half her liver, and she is infirm as well and will remain so for a good many more months.

The Wojicks are barely able to get through each day taking care of their six children. Tom must go three times a week for check-ups to a hospital in Virginia. The Wojicks once had a van, but they had to sell it at nearly a total loss, and their car is on its last legs.

It appears that the Wojick family will be dependent upon donations for some time to come. Although they are extremely grateful for what they have already received, unfortunately, at this time, neither parent can work or fund raise.

Our community is not particularly affluent.

However, if it were possible for many families to donate a small amount of money, such as $10, each month for, say, 12 months, the Wojicks could hopefully get on their feet. The idea behind this donation is that there may be enough families in our community who can donate a small amount each month without sacrifice. Any donation of any size at any time would be very much appreciated, needless to say. The present need for money is real.

However, the primary hope is that a small, but steady, donation, beginning in March, of at least $10 (or more, or less) will come each month from many families for about a year. This may be longer than is necessary. However, making a secure plan seems better than asking for too little and then confusing people by asking again. If the Wojicks somehow cease to need the money, we will get the word out right away.

If your family wants to give to this fund, please make your checks payable to THE WOJICK FAMILY FUND. Mail your contributions to Anna Mizani, 10606 Glen Wild Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20866. If you have questions, please call Lynn Criner at (301) 341-1140 email lcriner@tidalwave.net or Sarah Nishioka at (301) 731-8834.

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