Unification News for March 1999

Mother's Tour in Japan

This is from a report given by Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt at East Garden, March 13, 1999 and is from Dr. Hendricks' notes

A failure of Japan was indemnified by True Mother speaking in Korean in her speaking tour. Should she speak in Korean here in America? This time, True Mothers' speech is more direct Divine Principle than before, when it was more social commentary. The staff felt that True Mother was the manifestation of True Father in heart and love.

(True Mother displays posters and flyers used for her tour in Japan, and articles.) There was a lot of spiritual phenomena during the tour. There are over 300 Korean church leaders in Japan. Posters for her speech were hung from telephone poles, covering the entire city. Media identified True Mother first as the wife of True Father, then as founder of WFWP. The point is that it is legitimate to put True Father's name in the media again in Japan.

Some papers in years past refused our ads, but this year they all accepted. In each True Mother met many VIPs. They wrote good reflections. Normally the speech began at 1:30 p.m. In each city, they sold tickets; it was not free. They arrived at the auditorium early. The tickets were $50 - $70. So they made money through the tour. Each hall was packed, with no vacant seat and they had to rent extra rooms.

On March 3, True Mother offered all the donations she had received during the tour for a second generation scholarship fund in Japan. Healthy and sound children raising scholarship fund. Heung Jin Educational Trust Fund. It was written up by the Segye Times of Japan.

Japan is a female, hence can put makeup on its face. USA is the elder son, so cannot put on makeup. However, True Mother still wants to see a good turnout, and it will give her more energy.

At 1:30 p.m. the introductory video is shown, and it inspires everyone and prepares them for the message. During the tour, Rev. Jeung Og Yu's couple and President Otsuka's couple accompanied with high spirit. After the video, President Otsuka gave an 8 minute introduction. True Mother advised his appearance--selection of tie, too shiny nose. His 8 minute remarks were really inspiring, then a choir team sang Purple Rose of Sharon, composed by a member, then the Hallelujah Chorus, then True Mother marches to the podium in a beautiful suit with a big smile. Then everyone is so inspired.

As she enters, the backdrop is lit with beautiful colors, and she smiles with that kind of background. Also, they were able to transmit by satellite the event directly to Father at Cheju, during the 2nd half of the tour. Also, apparently, Father at Cheju was transmitted back to Japan.

True Mother's voice is so beautiful, and even more so when speaking Korean. Also it is easier for her to read the Korean and look at the audience. She takes command of the audience and they are completely intoxicated by her, and True Father via satellite is also grinning ear to ear. Even Father would place his finger on True Mother's lips on the screen.

In one hour, about 30 rounds of applause.

I came to fall in love with True Mother all over again. She is beauty itself. By the end of the speech, everyone falls in love with True Mother and the message itself. The audience naturally followed True Mother to the after speech celebration room for the next chapter. At the end of the speech, True Mother leads three cheers of mansei, holding the Japanese flag in her left hand and FFWPU flag in the right. Mansei for God, True Parents and the region of the day.

It is cold outside, but she is soaked in sweat by now. Instead of cleaning up after departing, as soon as she leaves the room she goes to the celebration room to connect to Father, rather than cleaning up. True Father must be missing TM, but he must be so proud of her for carrying out the mission in his place. As she enters the celebration room, we hand her the microphone and she can address Father, and he her, as they see each other on the screen.

Usually about 400-500 would be there. They will be seated there, somehow arrived before True Mother, and in tears, and True Mother enters talking to Father. Then the giving cake to each other via camera. Then singing including songs, gifts and testimonies from the VIPs. Then True Mother selects one couple, often President Otsuka's, to sing and kiss on camera. This is a new tradition. Then True Father and True Mother kiss, by placing each their index finger on the other's mouth on screen.

In Bukui, Junko Sakurata (the famous '92 blessing movie star) lives with three children and husband. She sang and gave testimony and pledge to True Parents--I gave up my career and fame for this blessing and husband, and it is more valuable and I will follow True Parents to spirit world forever. Her heart is truly good, and she educated her children well. In the celebration room they approach True Mother and called her Omonim. Also, True Mother took Junko shopping in America years ago, and bought her a blueberry muffin, shared, fresh and delicious, and that True Mother liked it. So she practiced baking blueberry muffins, hundreds of times, to try to equal that quality, and she brought her muffins to True Mother at the speech, also 1,000 crane origami. She is planning a national testimony tour when her children get older.

I saw Father signing the book called CTA and Ideal Kingdom, 1,000 pages thick, including Father's prayer and reality of spirit world. Father signed 700 books that day, taking many hours, and at the tour they were given to successful leaders. The successful blessed wives received True Mother's hanboks. True Mother sent 103 of them to Japan, that she wore once. They feel as if True Mother is always with them because of that. They loan theirs to a successful sister who nonetheless did not receive one, and they wear for one hour and take a photo . And successful brothers get photographs with True Mother's hanbok on a chair next to them. And photo with True Mother while holding the book. A heartistic revolution.

The tour ended March 4, and we were scheduled to return to Seoul, but True Father said she should fly back that night to Cheju. Arrived at Cheju at 10 p.m,. and Father welcomed her at the airport with a flower bouquet and welcoming hug. There were 1,000 Korean leaders there, and 11 pm -- 2 am we celebrated with singing, dancing and reports.

I encourage all American brothers and sisters to pray and support True Parents so this speaking tour will be a great victory as well.

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