Unification News for March 1999

The Music Ministry of NJ FFWPU: Spring Recital

Christine Libon -- Clifton NJ

Cold, rainy weather did not put a damper on our spirits on the night of March 6 at Clifton Family Church Center. We thoroughly enjoyed the Second Generation’s most light-hearted presentation yet. As host George Allen put it, "Tonight we have a chance to enjoy other people’s children." The program displayed a variety of artistic expressions. It opened with Aurelia Derflinger, a student of the clarinet, performing a Shaker hymn, Scarborough Fair and a third clarinet solo.

Then the New Hope Chorale made an attempt at a multi-lingual presentation of songs from Spain, Japan, France and Korea. Though still in need of some tutoring for proper pronunciation, the diversity of musical styles and the challenge were appreciated. Poetry reading followed, given by Mika Gagné, Sunmarie Allen, Ariella Carvel and Sylvia Santelli. The selected poems came from Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Rachel Field. My own favorites were "I Asked the Little Boy Who Cannot See" and Farleon’s musical setting of Joyce Kilmer’s immortal "Trees" (truly a study of trees rather than rhyme).

Reminiscing a bit, my dad always came to my childhood recitals and inevitably cried as he sat in the audience. Why do we tend to cry when we experience something especially beautiful? I suppose it is because we have been deeply moved internally. Whatever the reason, Il Hwa (Cindy) Yokpore brought me to tears several times as she put her whole self into her performance of "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie Titanic. It caused my mind to center immediately on Heung Jin Nim.

Chris Alan Derflinger played "Seven Variation on the theme of God Save the King" without any sheet music before him. WOW! Now onto the New Hope Players’ spoof of the news, weather and sports broadcasts, complete with commercial sponsors. It was a witty skit and well-acted in character. Next, came a cute, cute number from the sister and brother team Sunmarie & Karlsun Allen, "Anything You Can Do" from Annie Get Your Gun by Irving Berlin.

Music Minister and Assistant Producer Francesco Santelli remarked: "Many of these children have very special talents." Francesco’s investment of time and effort was apparent. The group has been working together with him for several months and the children are involved in their own special classes to develop their talents. The Musical Angels children’s choir has grown slightly larger; but, more importantly, the children are gaining in skill and confidence, as well as developing a supportive camaraderie amongst themselves while joyfully sharing in their artistic endeavors.

Special thanks are due to Rev. and Mrs. Hong, who produced this event and who act as loving parents to the entire NJ congregation.

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