Unification News for January 1999

Mr. and Miss University

by Highmy Herbers -- Silver Spring, MD

Somehow the world’s most beautiful students are also the nicest. Actually, that is how it is supposed to be. The Mr. and Miss University Beauty Pageant was created with the goal of promoting not only external beauty, but also internal beauty—heart—as well as international family. Sixteen countries were represented in the 1998 contest in Tokyo.

Our first day in Tokyo, Mr. University ’97 taught us the pageant theme song (which he wrote). Now, once you’ve got people singing together about never saying good-bye, you know they are going to be friends. I ended up doing things like dancing in a Disneyland parade with people I had just met, participating in a Japanese tea ceremony and wearing a kimono. In the end, I didn’t feel I had just been in a contest, but on some exciting camping trip.

Before going to Japan, I had determined that all I wanted was to be a good representative of my country. I am a bit shy and have some stage fright, so even when I practiced my song I would get nervous and my voice would shake. But as the days went by, I reflected upon my goal and the purpose of the contest. I concluded that though this was a contest, I was not really being judged; I was just there to offer beauty and joy to the people who would watch me. With this thought I could go up on stage with desire instead of fright. Well, I know I’ve sung better many times in my life, but I felt good.

In the end, my two desires were fulfilled. During the week I had befriended one girl who impressed me with her really strong conviction and sincerity toward purity. I still remember telling her, "I hope you get a chance to express your sincere heart," meaning she would go on to the second round of questions and answers. I was so thrilled when she was one of the five finalists. Her answer was so beautiful, too. She became the second runner-up. Mr. America also went on to the second round and also gave a great answer. I was standing next to him when the winners were called. When there was only the winner position left and only one person left, and it was he, I was smiling so hard I think I was happier than he was. Of course, now he takes his trophy everywhere with him. So I didn’t even make it to the second round, but I feel as if I were the winner. My friend could express her heart, my country could be represented and I could do my best. I had a wonderful time, and I am so grateful to the dedicated Japanese staff, the wonderful participants, my great partner and most of all to God who, once again, showed me the most important things in life and how I am a part of them.

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