Unification News for January 1999

Korean Language Students Welcome You to Their New Web Site

by D. K. -- Seoul

As we all know, Father has always been emphasizing the importance of studying the Korean language. According to Father's direction, HSA International has established a scholarship program for young leaders of the Unification movement who wish to study the language, culture and traditions of Korea. As the program started in the spring semester of 1998, the first 50 participants were invited to attend a 1-year course at the Sun Moon University's Korean Language Institute. This group was named the Group of Missionary Scholars (GMS).

In December, 1998 a GMS Internet site was set up. The idea behind it is simple: to make our life known to brothers and sisters around the world, to create a historical record of the first Group of Missionary Scholars in the universe and to share our experience among ourselves as well as with those who will join the scholarship program after us.

Parts of the GMS web site are still under construction, but the plans are to offer visitors reports about various events in the life of a missionary scholar, an archive and photo gallery of GMS activities, accounts of precious experiences of our life in Korea, a place for discussions and exchange of opinion, as well as a collection of humorous, interesting and useful documents.

You are welcome to visit GMS home on the net at http://www.sunmoon.ac.kr/~gms.

Feel free to explore every corner of it and please express your opinion, comments, ideas by leaving a record in the guest book or sending a message to the webmaster (gms@jangmi.sunmoon.ac.kr) -- we appreciate your feedback!

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