Unification News for July and August 1998

Second Generation Blessings

by Joni Choi

Greetings from the Second Generation Association! The Second Generation Association is an informal organization of the Second Generation Blessed couples. Starting from the 36 Blessed Couples (1986) to the most recent Blessing in Madison Square Garden, America has more than 100 Blessed Second Generation couples and the number of Third Generation is growing.

There were 12 new couples from the United States who attended the ceremony in Madison Square Garden along with 13 more couples from Japan and Korea. There were more couples from these countries but they could not make the ceremony in America. We were able to hold a small workshop in the New Yorker where the newly Blessed Couple received spiritual and practical guidance from elder brothers and sisters like Hyun Jin Nim, Betsy Jones, Moon Sook Choi, and In Ho Park.

In the future, we are finally able to hold our first annual Second Generation Association Potluck Picnic on the last weekend of June. Everyone contributed to the lunch by bringing a small part of the meal. Around 70 people and little 3rd Generation showed up at Belvedere and ended up playing soccer, volley ball or just hanging around after lunch.

While it was only a simple gathering, this picnic showed two major things. It demonstrated our desire to connect as a community of Blessed couples and it showed that if we all work together, we could create that community successfully.

Many people signed up for different programs that the SGA is organizing, such as the older/younger couple mentoring program and the networking program to help share our talents with each other. The next major activity is the 1992, 1995 anniversaries in August and hopefully other gatherings as well.


by Grace Hill (now wife of Inshunor Joergensen)

Grace Hill is 19 years old and has been participating in the STF program for the last year. She plans to go to Bridgeport and then medical school to study natural medicine when she finishes.

As I received my husband's ring from True Parents and turned and put it on his finger, I couldn't help feeling an overwhelming sensation of awe. As a blessed child, I grew up always knowing that I would go to the Blessing one day, but never did I dream that it would be anything this beautiful.

When I applied to the matching in April, I was still on STF (Special Task Force), so a small group of us received our matching results together. I had been preparing myself to accept anyone who Father matched me to-even someone who was both physically and mentally handicapped, spoke no English and was the ugliest person in the world. When we got our matching results back, I was surprised. Most of my peers had received Asian spouses, but I received a Norwegian. This was an added plus for my family because Norway was right next to Denmark, which is my family's National Messiah country.

I didn't know him at all, but many other blessed children did, including my older sister. They became quite excited. "You got matched to Inshunor!?!?" I called him a couple of times before I left for New York, and then we met for the first time the day before the Blessing.

The day of the Blessing was incredible-totally incredible. It started off great-with the Pro-family rally and the gospel choir, so that the spirit was really high by the time the Blessing ceremony began. My couple was chosen as one of the three couples to receive rings directly from True Parents. This also meant that we were in the center of the front row-right smack in front of True Parents during the entire ceremony. It was so awesome. There is something almost "magical" about the Blessing. You wait all your life to go to the Blessing, but when it finally happens, it feels just like a dream. Then during the ceremony, reality hits: "This is really it. And this perfect stranger besides me is my ETERNAL spouse."

I cried during Father's prayer. I really didn't feel worthy of such a Blessing. I also felt grateful for the first generation. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be here.

I really felt God's love during the Blessing. Not only did I have the privilege of the receiving the Blessing from True Parents, but I received the most wonderful husband as well. I had waited all my life for an unknown "Mr. Someone." Now that "Mr. Someone" has a face and a name and is more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. I am so happy and eternally grateful.

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