Unification News for July and August 1998

Hyun Jin Moon Inaugurated as VP of FFWPUI

by Richard L. Lewis-NYC

Hyun Jin Moon was inaugurated as vice-president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International in an historic ceremony held July 19, 1998 at the Manhattan Center Ballroom, NYC. The ceremony was presided over by the founders of the FFWPUI, Reverend and Mrs. Moon. Rev. Moon declared, "This is the first time in my life to have such a precious ceremony. I give my heartfelt thanks to God."

It was truly a day of celebration. The ballroom was beautifully set for a banquet for 300 guests with congratulatory bouquets-at least 60 of them lining the hall-from the many different churches and organizations supporting the FFWPU. The guests were the melange of races, nationalities and cultures that we have come to expect in Unification community events, some in business attire, some in traditional garments.

Neil Salonen, secretary general of FFWPUI, opened the celebration by introducing Rev. and Mrs. Moon and their son, Hyun Jin, who took their places on stage to a standing ovation. (Hyun Jin Nims wife, Jun Sook Nim, while present, did not participate in the proceedings on stage as she is eight months pregnant with their fourth child.)

The invocation was given by Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, president of FFWPU-Korea, who offered a forceful prayer in Korean.

The welcoming address was given by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, president of FFWPUI, who welcomed "this young leader of uncommon potential." He described how all the work of True Parents has been brought into focus in the Family Federation and is the foundation for the providential victory in the next millennium.

He spoke highly of Hyun Jin Nims character and accomplishments: his transformation of UVG into a thriving business, his graduation cum laude from Columbia University and his recent MBA obtained from Harvard Business School.

He concluded, "The FFWPUI is blessed indeed to receive into its leadership such character and skills."

Neil Salonen then gave an overview of how FFWPUI is bringing institutions together around the world to support marriage. Noting that it was impossible to do a complete job of this-there was so much to include-he announced the recently-completed video introduction to FFWPUI which was projected onto a large screen on-stage.

The video covered the inauguration of FFWPUI in 1996, with clips of President Gerald Ford speaking there, followed by the foundation of Blessings that led up to that momentous event, starting with Father and Mothers Blessing in 1960 and ending with clips from the recent RFK and MSG Blessings of millions where a Hindu holy man spoke of Father "creating heaven on earth," Minister Farrakhan "to recreate a new heaven and earth," and Rev. Taylor "the great prophet, Reverend Moon." The video ended with a delightful animation of the FFWPU logo assembling itself around the center heart.

Father and Mother then ascended the central podium with Hyun Jin Nim. Leather-bound proclamations were brought to them; Father read them in solemn Korean and Mr. Salonen translated:

"Hyun Jin Nim is duly elected to the office of Vice President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International. Signed by Reverend Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han."

Hyun Jin received the proclamations with a bow to great applause. After Father and Mother had returned to their seats, Hyun Jin Nim give his Inaugural Address.

He spoke first of his gratitude to his parents and the great honor it was to participate in the Family Federation, "the culmination of my parents work. For, though the seeds have been planted, the world is still plagued with terrible problems."

He described the breakdown of the family and its central role in human life: "No matter what our station in life is, we are all child and parent, brother and sister, to other people."

He spoke of his parents difficult course and his own perception of it. "I vividly remember when my father had to go to Danbury prison. I felt such tremendous anger towards America. But Father consoled us, reminding us that through his sacrifice God would be able to bless America more."

He had to stop speaking at this point for the tears were welling from his eyes and his voice was breaking.

"They hold no bitter feelings," he continued, "they paved the path for us to be here today."

He spoke of his vision for the future. "I cannot help but feel unworthy for I have much to learn and prepare. But I want to use my youthful vigor to aid my parents." He outlined the two areas where he felt he could make a contribution, witnessing to his parents life and suffering course from his personal experience, and education of the second generation. "We have no systematic structure for passing on our heritage," he declared and pledged to remedy the defect.

Summarizing the goal of the Family Federation to establish God-centered marriages, he asked everyone to "embrace this message and join with me to spread this message to the world, for what we sow today we will reap tomorrow."

He left the podium to a standing ovation.

Dr. Richard Rubenstein, president of Bridgeport University, gave the first congratulatory address. He spoke of how education magnified the qualities that Hyun Jin Nim inherited from his parents. From his own experience in gaining two degrees from Harvard he could testify that "the MBA is the most intellectually-challenging course to leadership qualities." He concluded with, "We rejoice in his dedication to his parents ideals. I pray he will prosper in his parents course" followed by a blessing in Hebrew.

Mr. Joo, president of The Washington Times Corporation, gave the second address. He spoke of the challenge of a vision for the new millennium and welcomed "the emergence of new leadership."

He extolled Hyun Jin Nims qualities "as a son of filial piety, an outstanding example of a true family man." After enumerating his successes, including his winning of an equestrian Bronze Medal at the Seoul Olympics, he spoke of his admiration for Hyun Jin Nims secret giving of scholarships to the second generation-a secret he apologized, to laughter, for revealing. He concluded that Hyun Jin Nim was a "model for youth around the world" and that he would serve to "transmit his parents standard to the next generation."

Bouquets of flowers were presented to Father, Mother and Hyun Jin Nim and they then cut the celebration cake-a towering white ziggurat of the confectioners art.

Father then took the podium with Peter Kim translating at his side. He was clearly delighted, positively beaming with delight over the days proceedings. "This is the first time in my life to have such a precious ceremony," he declared with obvious satisfaction.

"Today is the completion of three generations," he declared, referring to the three generations that should have been established by Adam without the Fall. He recalled the sorrow of God whose son was alive but had to be banished to the wilderness and the 10,000 generations this sorrow has lasted. "God was the King of sorrow."

He spoke seriously of the Completed Testament Age, the importance of absolute faith, love and obedience and how the Messiah could alone comfort Gods heart.

Rather more playfully, he then segued into a discussion of the love organs of man and woman-"the love organ they share is more important than anything else"-with many of his comments eliciting giggles and laughter from the guests. He became more grave, however, when speaking of the consequences of its abuse. "To build ideal families we have to be serious about the use of our love organ!"

He then spoke of the difficulties in Hyun Jin Nims position: "Its not easy, it is one of sacrifice." He noted that while Jesus was not able to start his public mission until he was thirty, because of the foundation of millions of Blessed couples, Hyun Jin Nim could start before this.

He concluded that his hope was that Hyun Jin Nim "will be greater than I am and fulfill the mission which is still to be done-he is certainly handsomer than I am [a comment that drew laughter from Mother as well as the guests] and he has an MBA, which I dont! And after the seminary, he will take on the theologians as well!"

He left the podium to a prolonged standing ovation and beamed from his seat at the guests-he was truly happy.

Reverend Kwak led the assemblage in four resounding "Manseis."

As the celebrants departed the stage to join the guests for lunch, sparkling apple juice was served in champagne flutes for the toast, proposed by Mr. Salonen, for Hyun Jin Nims success. A boisterous clinking of glasses ensued.

A delicious lunch was then served of lobster appetizer, tournedos of beef entree, and a double dessert of fruit tart followed by a slice of the celebration cake.

After the entree, the entertainment began with David Eaton as MC and Kevin Pickard on piano, Alistair Farrant on keyboards, Adruma Victoria on drums and Mark McEwen on guitar.

Raoul Joseph sang two ballads, "Wonderful World" and "Can You Feel the Love," followed by ___ who sang a tender Japanese love song. They then sang a duet, the Kevin Pickard song premiered at the Seoul Blessing in 1992, "Fill the World with Love."

Next, to a rousing welcome, Hyo Jin Nim appeared and "strutted his stuff" across the stage-he was in fine form! First was a blues ballad, "Beyond My Dreams," followed by an emotionally-charged "Love Me Tender."

Next was Hyun Jin Nims turn-putting on his shades, he cut loose with a spirited rendition of "Go Johnny Go," meanwhile encouraging the VIP tables in the front to stand and dance around-which some did with zeal-and then getting the grandchildren up onto the stage to dance around with him. The demand for an encore was satisfied by his celebrated rendition of "Blue Suede Shoes" which he soon turned into an audience participation event: he came down to the floor and, to some consternation, got members of the audience to sing into his microphone along with him, ending with his brother Kook Jin Nim.

The grand finale was True Parents singing "Umaya Nunaya," Father with his own inimitable rhythm and Mother valiantly carrying the melody.

Rev. Pak then took another microphone and started a vigorous Korean marching song as the stage quickly filled with members of the family dancing around, soon joined in their cavorting by Rev. Kwak and Dr. and Mrs. Rubenstein.

To conclude, Rev. Kwak led three "Manseis" and the celebration was over. It was truly a Day of Joy for Father and Mother and for the future of our community. 

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