Unification News for July and August 1998

Danís Greatest Hits: Getting Greater All The Time

by Richard Ramras-NYC

In the December Unification News, Dan Fefferman gave us some wonderful notes about the genesis of each of the 12 songs on his "Greatest Hits" audio cassette. After listening to his tape over and over again, continuously, and almost wearing it out, I finally got around to sending for copies to share with friends. Theyíre still available and well worth mailing (while supplies last) to your loved ones. Now for my two centsí worth of fond reflections on each gem:

Come On In The Kitchen: This takes me back to my earliest workshop memories from 1973 (artistís cottage, Belvedere). "The clouds of joy...are men who realize their purpose is divine," the heart of Chapter One plus...and my first hint that there was more to the Principle of Creation than logically correct, abstract, scientific formulae.

Generation Of Righteousness: An all-time classic revives the fervor of our rallies back when. Is there a payoff in spirit world for how many guitar strings explode with this hit?

The Kingdom Of Heavenís At Hand: In this old-fashioned coded rebus, symbols are precious petals uncovering pearl-like kernels of apocalyptic telling it as it am.

Iíve Got A Right To Be Happy: So these are the islands! Fling off your sandals, half-close your eyes, and dance a spiral up into the lacy cumuli of bliss. "Let the listener hear the loversí dance that we all just began to learn...I want to dance till You cry and beg me to stop."

The Day Of Hope: To me, the very fact that such a wonderful song as this can actually exist is incontrovertible proof that Christ must have already returned and begun our kingdom-building. And catch the playfulness of that sweet little flute weaving in and out of the rollicking angelsí winglets, wigglets, whifflets and wooflets!

Shout About It!: One of our most beloved, respected elders has taught us how healthy it is for children to howl at least ten minutes a day, and this songís the best howl (at least for adult children) in 12 continents and 185 counties!

The Lord Is One: Who can forget the twinkle in the song-leaderís eye as he teased us into doubting whether weíd repeat the last stanza...once...twice...? "All bound together, nobody can fall, loving each other, loving one and all."

The Kingís Highway: This has an irresistible, barreling-along beat to sweep us away like a mighty river. Lately, I find myself singing the refrain as I pound the sidewalk, disconcerting some for whom the song is not (yet) familiar.

Life At Barrytown: Snoring below the songsmithís bunk, sharing teary, heartfelt memories of Catskills newts, salamanders and frogs while our team sailed the Hudson...ah, yes, Barrytown!

Dedicate Your Love: "Each woman and man plays a part." Weíre all in the cosmic drama of recreating the relationship of True Adam and True Eve in our own lives. "Unashamed now to...walk hand in hand through the wood."

The Marriage Has Come: An extra bonus of heavenly squigglets and squooshlets and qoophwoofs to drive us all wild! "All will share a common heart then when we arrive at Fatherís home...bathing all the earth in light of music."

Absolute Sex: A real hand-clapper and thigh-slapper. "I donít like the feeling...Iím half and not whole." And so do none of us! Iím sure this song will be quoted someday as part of the dictionary entry for earliest instances using Heavenís restored vocabulary.

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