Unification News for July and August 1998

In Memoriam Oh Young Chun - The Best Korean I Ever Met

by Daniele Cohen-Bellevue, WA

This January 11, a very precious and humble Korean grandma went to spirit world. The seventh member to join our True Father long ago in Pusan.

I met her in Chicago, back in '76.

Because the Korean Sunday Service was by far much more interesting to me, I was a regular participant.

I immediately tried to befriend Oh Young Chun because she was so genuine.

I knew 2 Korean words at the time and she spoke no English but we connected. Have you ever had the feeling you have known someone all your life? It was like that.

All of a sudden she wasn't there at the Sunday Services. I asked around and finally found out she had cancer and was in the Hospital. I went to the prayer room with my heart in my hand and cried all night. I begged God to give me the cancer, after all I was young and could fight it easier. Besides, I told Heavenly Father, she did not deserve it, I was by far much more sinful and therefore I told God, give it to me.

My eyes were swollen and my voice was gone, but I felt as if God had heard me.

Sometime after that I was asked if I would like to live with Mrs. Oh and take care of her.

I thought to myself , "pinch me-I must be dreaming!".

As unworthy as I was somehow God was giving me such an incredible opportunity.

She called me her resident comedian. I tried my best to make her laugh. Taking her to the hospital for radiation and chemotherapy was heart wrenching. She never complained.

Throughout all the time I spent with her, I never felt worthy.

It was because of her that God was able to have His day of Victory over Resentment. On the 4th of July 1952, True Father, Won Pil Kim, and another member were arrested. It was Oh Young Chun that got them out in 40 days. She suffered a stroke during that time, due to exhaustion. The prisons' in Korea at that time could not compare to ours. You have to understand her desperation.

Many, many times she lamented to me the fact that the Church had become so big and impersonal. The folks joining now did not get the closeness she had with True

Father. She said there were many times Father would take her to the ocean, and point across the water and tell her that many people would come from all over the world to help Korea to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Her mother had been a member of the inside belly church. Her mom had done the 1200 bows, made clothes for Jesus and prepared feasts for Jesus.

Father called Mrs. Oh, "patience." Believe me she had to have a lot of that to put up with me.

She told me that when she went to spirit world, she would be 33 again. When I dreamt of her in January, I did not recognize her right away. And then I remembered what she had told me!

She told me she would live in a beautiful mansion in spirit world and that she wanted me and my family to be with her. I am just so grateful to have had the years we had together, what an honor. My ancestors must have paid an incredible amount of indemnity so that I could be with her. Hope to see her at Lake Chon Pyong.

Just wanted to share such a precious time with all our family members.

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