Unification News for July and August 1998

Inauguration of the "Education Center for Ideal Families and World Peace" at the "New Hope Farm

by Peter Haider-Sao Paulo

We all arrived back from the New Hope Farm Saturday afternoon. More than 50 members had been there helping with the decoration, the cleaning and preparation of the offering table. Also the Brazilian state leaders went there after finishing their workshop. For the inauguration ceremony itself one other big bus and several cars with members went there. One bus came also from Goiania.

When we arrived last Monday after a 16 hour trip True Parents were already at the New Hope Farm with two grandchildren. In the morning I participated twice in the Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents. The reading was done from a book about True Father's prayers which was published recently in Korea. According to a report after the reading given by our Korean church president, Mr. Hwang, they are selling now several books through outside book stores and the books about True Father's prayers are the bestsellers of all our books.

In the morning of July 1st at 7.00 there was the pledge for the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing. It was held in one part of the 1st floor of the house with the restaurant. About 20 Korean leaders and National Messiahs mainly from Latin America had come one day before and attended together with the Brazilian leaders. I expected to meet some Europeans, but nobody had come. First Rev. Kwak spoke about the meaning of this Holy Day and then Father spoke for about one hour. I hope to be able to report later more about the content of these speeches.

At 10.00 the Inauguration of the "Education Center for Ideal Families and World Peace" started. True Parents cut the ribbon before entering the main auditorium. Rev. Mauricio Baldini from Salobra Hotel was the MC and Rev. Cesar Zaduski gave the opening prayer. The Brazilian national anthem was played and True Parents showed their respect to the Brazilian flag like true Brazilian patriots. True Father read a speech about the "The Family and World Peace". Later Rev. Kwak, Pres. Choo from The Washington Times and Ku Bae Pak from Uruguay gave reports. Finally Rev. Oyamada concluded the ceremony with 3 cheers of Mansei. Together with many local VIPs, some 40 VIPs had come from Sao Paulo to attend this inauguration, several from Uruguay and Paraguay and a few from other nations. All together about 2000 people attended inside the new auditorium (temple), which was nicely decorated using mainly blue and gold, the colors of the Family Federation. Many more people attended outside.

After the ceremony True Parents and all VIPs (200) had lunch in the new restaurant. At the end of the meal True Father shook the hand of everybody by going through the dining room. All the VIPs were introduced to him. True Parents sang a few Korean songs and the Korean leaders joined in. At the end True Father gave for one hour an informal speech. Everybody including True Parents looked very happy.

The following day after the Hoon Dok Hae and breakfast, True Parents and several Korean leaders left for Forte Olimpo at the Paraguay river to continue the 1st 40 days fishing workshop. For several reasons, mainly visa problems, not so many Korean National Messiahs can attend this workshop.

The Brazilian group went with a van and a bus full of members to Rio Perdido farm. I went there once before after the rainy season. Now there was much less water. We could see many fishes and the water is very clear. Next day we started early to go to Salobra hotel and farm. There we visited True Parentsí house after breakfast. Rev. Baldini's wife explained to us the history of this place and how it is connected to the providence of the last two years. Later we went to the place were the river Salobra meets the Miranda river. After lunch our Korean NM Rev. Kim, who had come from Japan for the inauguration gave a short speech of greeting to all members. We waited to watch the game Brazil against Denmark on TV. After Brazil had won we left for Sao Paulo.


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