Unification News for July and August 1998

Chicago’s South Shore Ministry Association Co-Hosts Multi-Church-Community Picnic.

by Rich Lemont-Chicago, IL

On Saturday, July 11, 1998, Rev. Ki Hun Kim was honored at the 4th Annual South Shore Community picnic, called the "Taste of South Shore." South Shore is a south-eastern neighborhood of Chicago, bordering Lake Michigan. Over 4,000 neighbors attended. Community business provided free food and refreshments. Entertainment was scheduled from 11am to 8pm.

Among those participating were many church gospel choirs and the Drill Team from Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Mayor Richard Mr. Daley spoke to the crowd early in the event. Midway through the program, awards were presented to community activists, including the newly-appointed African American Chicago Chief of Police, four aldermen from neighboring wards, and our beloved Rev. Ki Hun Kim. Rev. Kim was recognized for his work in True Family Values and in recognition and appreciation of his devoted efforts and services rendered to the South Shore Community.

Members pre-blessed everyone in the crowd.

The Chosun Daily News, a local and also internationally affiliated Korean newspaper covered the event with large front-page photographs and interviews with Rev. Kim. Rev. Kim was quoted as saying that to overcome racial barriers we must participate in worship and recreational activities together. The Korean Consulate was surprised at the warm relationship of the Unification Church with Chicago’s south side. The limited experiences of the consulate with the south side in the past was mediating painful problems in African American-Korean business relationships. 

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