Unification News for July and August 1998

New Era, New Life Style

by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Washington, DC

This is from the Sunday Sermon given on July 26, 1998, at the Columbia Road Church in Washington, DC.

I am so happy to see your faces again. I cannot believe it I have hardly been able to spend any time with you during the last 3 months. First, on April 17 I was called to New York for Blessing '98. Then, soon after my return in June, Father called me to New Hope Farm in Jardim, Brazil, for the July 1st celebration. Just 1 week after my return I was again called personally by Father to attend a special leaders meeting in Chignik, Alaska. 3 leaders from Korea, 2 from Japan and 5 from America stayed together with True Parents in a small, rented house in the remote southern Aleutian Islands for 10 days. I returned just in time to attend the inauguration of Hyun Jin Nim as Vice-President of the FFWPUI on July 19th. The following day Father held a Regional Directors meeting all day. At last I came home. My heart is filled with so many things to share. During my 10 days in Alaska, just 20 people, including leaders and staff, shared a small, intimate house with Father and Mother. Our Parents used one small room, and the rest of us slept together on the living room floor. We all shared the same bathroom. We received so much personal love and care from True Parents, it was an incredible, unforgettable blessing. Through our intense, daily schedule from 5:30 a.m. to well past midnight each day, we were melted together as one family by our True Parents love. We lost any concept of spiritual age, blessing level, race or nationality.

This morning I want to share just a small portion of all that Father gave to us in Alaska. First of all, we still may not realize how profound and meaningful the Blessing '98 event on June 13th was. Father mentioned over and over again how precious and important it was. As we know, there were many external victories connected with June 13th, such as the 2000 Voice Choir which was joined by nearly 100 churches, and the more than 1500 VIPs who participated. This time 8 major religious representatives offered prayers, and a huge Invitation Committee of 1200 persons gave their name and support to the event. And of course, Madison Square Garden was overflowing with people on that day.

But much more important was the internal meaning of Blessing '98. Let me emphasize 3 important points. First, on the foundation of 120 million couples receiving blessing, the first stage of 360 million, Father blessed 34 major historical figures in spirit world from both the good and evil sides. Father blessed the great saints Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius and Socrates, and publicly declared his earlier blessing of Jesus Christ. Altogether 16 billion spirits have received True Parents blessing until now, and on June 13th Father declared the liberation of both Hell and Heaven. We were all stunned as we witnessed these unbelievable events. How incredible and revolutionary Father's victory was on that day. Actually, there is no way for us to truly understand or express the meaning of these historical events. Without the Messiah's authority, how could we ever imagine such a declaration? Afterwards, Father asked many times about the reaction of secular leaders to the blessing of 4 saints. But I'm sure Father could see that even our own leaders could hardly fathom the meaning of it. When I arrived at Jardim, immediately after I bowed, Father asked me about the reaction of outside people, and was so curious and excited to hear my answer.

Although we may not be aware of it, the spiritual atmosphere changed dramatically after Blessing '98. We all could feel incredible liberation through that event, and since that time many providential doors are opening for us, such as 50,000 couples from one major denomination receiving holy wine in Indianapolis on June 25th, and the entire population of several nations, such as Nigeria and Ukraine, receiving the pre-blessing. According to the report of Dr. Seuk, the providence in China is now moving incredibly fast. Thousands of couples, including many leaders, are participating in deep, formal blessing ceremonies. Perhaps Confucius is supporting that providence.

The second internal aspect of Blessing '98 was the special forgiveness that Father extended to our members and Blessed Couples. Without any condition True Parents forgave any and all sins of our members who attended that ceremony worldwide. This grace not only affected our members who had sinned, it also liberated the many spirits connected with those mistakes. Through my ministry I have seen many members whose sinful action was influenced by the work of strong evil spirits or bad ancestors. By granting this forgiveness True Parents liberated not only the spiritual world, but our members on earth as well.

One more profound accomplishment during Blessing '98 was the Blessing of Hee Jin Nim. There are 2 important things we should recognize from this. One is that because True Parents' are the root of our life of faith, the most basic attitude of attendance is to be aware of the events surrounding their family. The other is to recognize that Father has been conducting the providence in 2 realms: not only on earth, but also in the spirit world. Some members are surprised that Father is focusing so much on spirit world, and feel it is because he is getting closer and closer to going there. But in fact, as the barriers between heaven and hell are broken down, these 2 worlds naturally become closer together. And as we return to the position of original Adam and Eve before the fall, our natural connection to Spirit World will be restored, as Father's is. As you have heard, Hee Jin Nim was blessed with Canadian National Messiah Dr. Lee's daughter, who is also in Spirit World.

In recent years Father has been focusing on the providence of South America centering on New Hope Farm in Jardim, Brazil. Last July 1st was the eighth anniversary of the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing." Among the most important points about this day's significance, as Father explained in Han Nam Dong in 1991, was the elevation of our True Mother to the same level as Father, as his absolute object. On this foundation the WFWP was established in April, 1992, the era of woman was opened, and Mother has been leading and initiating many aspects of the providence during these years. Through her worldwide travels she has become a truly international leader. Another significant accomplishment of this "Declaration Day" was the inauguration of the Tribal Messiah providence. Based upon this, Father proclaimed the 2nd 40-year course centering on the 2nd generation in 1995 in Jardim. On July 1 this year Father dedicated the new training center at New Hope Farm as the "Educational Headquarters for World Peace through Ideal Families." He invited 2000 people to the dedication ceremony, including 16 mayors from the surrounding 33 cities as well as senators and congressmen from many South American countries. After speaking Father asked 3 representatives to report, including Mr. Joo as the President of the Washington Times.

Father plans to use this huge training center for a middle school, high school, long distance learning center for Bridgeport University, and a fish farm to support South American development. But first of all Father has established a training center there for teaching ideal family life to our blessed couples. Father mentioned that the New Hope Farm will be the most precious holy ground for our members. Father wants all blessed couples and their children to attend a special 40-day training session as a family unit. This training will be very different from past workshops. Through living with nature, and exploring hobby life, we can re-awaken our original minds and return to the Garden of Eden. This will be a unique and exciting experience for each family. During training through fishing each family should catch at least 160 fish, including 40 each of 4 major kinds. The educational content will be family education centering on the Principle of Creation. Establishing an ideal family, separating from Satan's blood lineage, and other important spiritual topics will be emphasized. But the main focus will be inheriting True Parents' heart and tradition in a practical, substantial way: love nature, love people, love God. Recently Father has spoken many times about the decline and destruction of the Urban Culture. Man should be able to find his true original self in nature. But rapid industrialization and the technology boom has isolated human beings from God, nature and each other. Through modern society and city life fallen people have become even more distant from their original nature as the image of God. Actually modern theologians such as McFague and Clinebell have described nature as the "body of God" and noted that humanity's abuse of nature is in fact the injury or even "murder of God." They have proposed that by healing nature we can heal ourselves. But Father's teaching has already surpassed them all, not only with a deeper understanding of the issue but teaching us to encounter nature in a new way through the experience of loving it.

Brothers and sisters, as you can see this training for ideal family life at New Hope Farm is not like any education program we have ever experienced. Through our encounter with nature with our family and others, Father wants us to develop the spirit of "hobby life." Actually the Korean word for hobby is "Chuimi." But by hobby life, we should realize the feeling of "Jemi." It is impossible to translate "Jemi" deeply enough, but the best way to describe it in English is "interesting and exciting." Father told us over and over, "no matter what, never worry. Worry is our enemy. The bright morning sun will never shine on those who keep a worrying mind." We should live an interesting, exciting, and compelling life- whatever we do. Don't you agree? The hundreds of members who come to holy ground every night- is it because they are forced to come, or do they feel "jemi"? I am sure they are interested and excited to be there. Those of you who have no experience of pre-blessing, please go out and try it not because you have to. If you open up your mind and invest your heart in it, you will feel "jemi." Father mentioned we can experience "jemi" in Hoon Dok Hae, prayer, our job, with our family, and in all that we do. Wouldn't you like to reach "jemi life"

The first ideal family training began with National Messiahs, and for the second session 300 families from Korea, 700 from Japan and 120 from America were invited. Father wants to begin this education with our elder couples. But we can be sure that our opportunity to join will come sooner or later. But even now, here in Washington, in everything we do, let's make "jemi life."

During the 10 days we spent with True Parents, Father explained more and more deeply about "Il Shim," "Il Shin," and "Il Chae." "Il Shim" in English means "one mind," referring to the oneness of my own mind and body centered on God and True Parents. What is the meaning of that oneness? What is our status when we realize "Il Shim?" Just as a compass always points toward True North, wherever we go, whatever we do, our mind will always follow after, and point us toward God and True Parents. "Il Shin" means one body, meaning the absolute oneness of husband and wife. We are actually 2 bodies, but what does it mean to become one? Absolutely, without any condition or limitation, husband and wife should be united centered on God and True Parents. We can see so many nice and happy families in the world. What is the difference between those families and ours? Our relationship and unity is centered absolutely on the Will of God, and the ideal of True Parents. From that vertical, internal point, true love and eternal life begin. "Il Chae" means "one essence," and means that on the foundation of "Il Shim" and "Il Shin" God can come down and live with us. Those who realize "one mind" in themselves and "one body" with their spouse will experience the living presence of God with them. This is the deep, actual meaning of I Corinthians 3:16: "Do you not know that you are God's temple, and God's spirit dwells in you?"

By living so closely with True Parents during these few days, I could witness with my own eyes that True Parents are the living embodiment of "Il Shim," "Il Shin," and "Il Chae." Father is completely united in himself as a true compass. Mother is completely "one mind" as well. Parents are absolutely "one body" with each other. And so they are the living embodiment, the living temple of God. Then what is the source of their absolute oneness? What is the way for you and I to realize that precious quality of life? Father made it absolutely clear. Father has lived a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God. You can examine for yourself isn't it true? And Mother has lived a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience toward Father, hasn't she? So for us, if we really want to experience "jemi," if we really want to live with God, it begins with our life of absolute faith, love and obedience toward True Parents.

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