Unification News for

April 1998


True Mother in Oakland, California

Pastor Kevin Thompson

"I'm the Mother of Oakland but Mrs. Moon is the True Mother of the World" declared special guest Mary Anne Wright at the celebration following True Mother's victorious Hoon Dok Hwe event in the Jewitt Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel.

The audience was captivated by the dignity of True Mother and the depth of Father's words which penetrated all of our hearts. Mother commented about the receptivity of the audience and the atmosphere in the ballroom.

True Mother's party swept into the Bay Area on the wave of victory upon victory all across America and we were determined to deliver a victory in Oakland. Under the guidance of our Regional Director Rev. In Hoi Lee and with the spiritual power of Mrs. Onni Durst and our new KEA director Rev. Dong Woo Kim, all brothers and sisters united to give our best effort to secure a great victory.

True Mother spoke briefly to our church elders before lunch and inspired us all to try harder and do more than ever before. She told us that there are many elder members of our church who have already gone to the spiritual world and their level or position there is determined by their efforts here, how hard they worked for God's providence and how much they connected to the heart of God and True Parents. Father has warned us that we should be prepared to die properly, with no regrets, having used our life for the greatest purpose. Mother encouraged us that we should keep the Hoon Dok Hwe tradition and then eventually we will become the embodiment of the word. Even we have areas of regret in our life but by following this tradition we can let God's word's clean us up.

Mother said that the divisions within Christianity are caused by not having Jesus' direct words, only the words of the disciples. Our Blessing is to have Father's direct words in 300 volumes. Out of those 300 volumes the 15 volumes are the essence and we can be reborn through these words. Then id there are points we want to research more deeply we can research further in the 300 volumes.

At the event itself we could all feel an air of expectation and wonder. Mother delivered Father's words and the audience responded, urging her on, and the connection was made deeply.

Book recipients included the Institute for the Study of American Religions located at the University of Santa Barbara, Graduate Theological Union Library, consortium of 9 seminaries located at Berkeley, the Bishop of the Church of God in Christ in Oakland, Minister Keith Muhammad of the Nation Of Islam and of course Mother Wright.

Mother Wright made up a song to sing to True Parents at the victory celebration and she summed up the whole evening with these words- "It was richer than rich, greater than great."

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