Unification News for

April 1998


New Hope Farms -- Schedule of Events 1998

April 5th. West Point Collegiate Horse Show

April 25th Rotary Club Benefit Horse Show

May 1st-3rd National Collegiate Horse Show

May 9th NBW Professional Wrestling

June 20th Carson & Barnes Circus

July 9th-12th Deerpark Family Festival

Sept. 2nd-6th The Autumn Classic Horse Show

Summer/Fall Music Festival 1998

June 11th An Evening with The Moody Blues

July 2nd Chicago & Hall and Oates

July 18th 70's Explosion: K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Village People, Gloria Gaynor, The Tramps, Vicki Sue Robinson

August 2nd Doo Wop Festival

August 8th Culture Club, The Human League, & Howard Jones

August 9th Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, & Delbert McLinton

September 10th Wynona Judd

*October 23rd *Grand Funk Railroad

For General Info on All Events, Call (914) 858-6970
For Concert Ticket Info, Call (888) 266-9141

(* Tentative Dates)

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