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April 1998


New Eden Makes A Joyful Noise

by Clopha Deshotel-Bridgeport, CT

As we come to the close of this first year of New Eden Academy, a college preparatory high school located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, New Eden students and staff have had the unique opportunity recently to spend time with the True Parents. Because of our location, New Eden students were able to see and sing for True Mother three times on her national Hoon Dok Hwe tour: in Bridgeport, Boston and New York.

Especially meaningful was the special opportunity to make a joyful noise before True Parents at their home at East Garden, a privilege rarely experienced by others. In that way, the students were able to receive very personal love and attention from the True Parents. Such opportunities help to fulfill the True Parentsí hope for protecting second generation high school students from the adverse influences of the secular world. Imagine the excitement of students at having sung to the True Parents in such an intimate setting!

All parents want to give their son or daughter a competitive advantage in choices of colleges and careers. New Eden Academy provides that opportunity because it is located on the campus of the University of Bridgeport and students are able to obtain 24 college credits while still in high school. In addition, all parents want to keep their children morally pure; this includes courageously avoiding the misuse of sexual organs by being in a healthy spiritual atmosphere and moral environment like New Eden.

On June 5 the first class at the Academy will complete the first year of school and begin summer vacation. The next school year will begin on Aug. 29. For an application and information for the 1998-99 school year, please contact either Dr. Hugh Spurgin or Mr. Clopha Deshotel at (203)334-3434, fax (203)334-8653.

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