Unification News for

April 1998


Movies, Advertisement and Women

by Erling Lea

Many wonder why advertisers and film-makers usually cater to women, and men are only given first consideration when sports are considered. Film and the TV industry work well together with sponsors to catch the fancy of Godís feminine aspect. Why is this so? How does this benefit these companies?

Who spends more time in malls and shopping centers, men or women? Of course, the answer is: women. And men often want to make their wives happy with nice things. In any case, our materialistic culture focuses on how to get women to shop, shop and shop again. It follows that a movie with women portrayed as powerful and bossy has more value to a sponsor than a male-oriented story like Rambo.

If you watch a football game, for example, who are the main advertisers? Beer, soda and pick-up trucks prevail. Itís pretty clear that men have more limited spending habits than women.

The production value of TV-sitcoms and movies is very much centered on women, sex, violence and exploitation. Hollywood will not even finance a film if it does not have these things in it. George Duvallís The Apostle was financed by private sources. So some True Family Values education is sorely needed in Hollywood!

True Family Values offer a true equality to women without compromising the precious Godly femininity this world so desperately needs. Thank God for True Parents and their infinite gifts to this wayward world. 

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