Unification News for

December 1997


Investment in Brazil

by Christian Lepelletier-Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Folha de Sao Paulo (one of the two largest newspapers in Brazil)published one article on December 6 entitled: "Moon will invest R$100 millions in Matto Grosso South State", from the local correspondent in Campo Grande.

The official announcement was made by Kim Yoon Song in charge of the New Hope Farm project in Jardim, in a meeting of businessmen and local politicians at the soccer club of Corumba. The investment will be used to develop fishing and hunting activities in Pantanal. Over the last two or three years our community became the largest investor in that region of Matto Grosso South State.

The journalist working for the Folha de Sao Paulo used the word "sect" to describe our movement and did not make a very good report. On October 27, the local newspaper of Campo Grande, the Diaro da Serra published the photo of the New Hope Farm project on the front page with the title: "Reverend Moon plants Eden in Jardim". And in the middle special section one full page with three pictures, with the main title: "Jardim paradise possible according to Moon". The reports and stories were fairly positive thanks to Waldir Cipriani (working with the Tiempo del Mundo project), who could meet the publisher and provided correct information concerning the Jardim project.

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