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December 1997


God Appears Through The Cloud

Cherng J. Guh, M.D.
Taipei, Taiwan

As written in the Bible (Matt. 3:16-17), "And behold, the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God.... And suddenly a voice from heaven, saying, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." The same vision reappeared in the "International Blessing Ceremony," during Father's benediction over the worldwide 39.6 million blessed couples in Washington, D.C. Nov. 29, 1997.

For those who were personally present, that was really a wonderful experience. Among close to 60 thousand participants, my brother and sister-in-law, who live in D.C., first shared their surprise about the dramatic changes before and after the ceremony day. It was windy and rainy before the great "Day of True Love" and afterwards.

Saturday itself was cloudy, with a fair temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit, and an occasional breeze, including several minutes of drizzle which counted as a sprinkle of "heavenly holy water" around 4:30pm. The cloud really made its most dramatic change at the climax of the festival, 11:30am-12 noon, when Rev. and Mrs. Moon appeared to officiate the Blessing Ceremony.

That amazing change occurred at the moment of True Father's prayer for all the blessed congregation. Following Father's special Korean praying voice, louder and louder, I gradually sensed an upcoming bright wave approaching my closed eyes: Is my dream in heart (that the sun will appear through the cloud) really going to come true? I could not help but whisper to my sister Alice, "The sun is going to come out!" My watch told me 11:52am (in less than one minute); a bunch of silvery sunshine spread over the whole stadium, making all the brides' snowy robes shine so brightly. Father continued praying, holding True Mother's hand, facing the sun and the blessed congregation. That warmth and light, shining on us, through the cloud, for about five minutes, just like the love and blessing freely and richly given from God to all of us. The guest from China sitting next to me also cheered about this unusual scene she never saw before.

True Father's prayer concluded at 12 noon. At the same moment of sitting back to their seats, the congregation, including my parents, saw another vision with their very eyes that the cloud suddenly thinned off, leaving a gray layer, elaborately absorbing the stern light, allowing the people to be able to look directly at the round shadow of the sun, feeling its warmth without being harmed in our eyes. Oh! Isn't it like "the sun of the spirit world?"! I excitedly passed the words to my parents sitting next to my sister, "Such warmth is just like the spiritual current of the sun of the spirit world!"

At the next day's Sunday service, Rev. and Mrs. Kung and the elder members of the Queens Family Church of New York shared the same impression and inspiration. All sharings agreed that the "opening of the sky" foreshadowed the appearance of Heavenly Father through the cloud. And the moment God made

His personal presence was also the time when He was smiling happily from heaven over the blessed crowd. I sincerely wish Heavenly Father's appearance would comfort our most beloved True Parents, bless all humankind, and shine the world with True Love forever.

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