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Blessed Kids Summer Camp, PA

by Rob & Sally Sayre-NYC

From July 21-27, over fifty children and 10 adult staff members participated in a Summer Camp at Robin Hill Campground hear Lenhartsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Much of this report is simply the response of the children as recorded in their reflections.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND OTHERS-the kids arrived throughout Monday afternoon and camp began that night.

When I first arrived (at Camp) I thought that this week would be horrible. I barely knew anyone. After the first day I started making friends and eventually started having fun.

Did you ever go to a place where you were the total opposite of homesick? In fact you didn't even think of home once while you were at that place. Well, that's how Camp Robin Hill was to me. It was a home away from home.

I had lots of fun on this trip and made lots of friends and I can't believe for a second that I didn't want to come.

THE HIKE-each day a different group hiked to the North Lookout at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, near Kempton, Pennsylvania. The weather varied from day to day.

I thought the best part of the week was the hike. At the start of the hike its was cold, windy, and rainy. When we got to the top it stopped raining and wind calmed down, but we still couldn't see anything. On the way down, it completely cleared up and we went to the lookout where we had lunch. The view was amazing. Since there was a thick fog the whole time before, I never realized how high up in the air we actually were. I could see for miles.

I liked the hike because you could experience God and Creation.

I liked the hike the best, it was so fun! I really got closer to God because of all the creation. and when we got to the top, it was soooo . . . high. It was like I was on the top of the world. I could see almost everything.

My favorite sport was the hike, everything was just beautiful. Everything was so . . ., I can't explain it with words.

I liked the hike because it felt like God was calling my name and telling me something I needed to know.

FRIENDS-there were 51 blessed children, ages 9-14.

Two of the things I really enjoyed about this week was making the skit "Cabin in the Sky" and just being with other Blessed Children whom I could share my experiences at home and school with.

I loved making new friends. At the end, my friends were almost family.

I liked this camp because everybody is in the same church and it is so easy to make friends and nobody is mean to you or anything.

SPORTS & DANCING-the kids played dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, square-danced, swam and paddle-boated.

I liked dodgeball, It was definitely a "team work game."

The sports were really fun. I loved the dodgeball games and there was a soccer game that was really fun.

A man came and taught us to dance in square-dances. It was so much fun.

I loved the sports & swimming but my favorite thing was just hangin' with the sisters in our room and talking with each other. I really felt close to everybody.

I also give thanks to my group leader for dragging me onto the dance floor for square dancing.. I thank her for the experience of singing in front of an audience also.

Ahhh, yes, the sports. I knew the guys would love spending their time playing basketball, soccer, dodgeball and swimming. I mean every chance we got we ran down to the court to play basketball.

THE LECTURES-Noah Ross was teaching the kids of several parents who joined when he taught them in Boonville and Camp K. What great memories!

The lectures were great. They were very interesting and I liked how Mr. Ross put a little fun into it.

The lectures made me want to help my Mom.

I liked the lectures. When I get home I want to read the Bible.

This week I learned more about the Bible and why things happened. My favorite lecture was the one with Jacob and Essau.

I learned about the Holy Bible and Jesus, Moses and Adam & Eve and about how God created the world and how it all started with men and women.

I really got inspired by the lectures. They really made me think. I want to really try to become a better person and understand God's Will.

I know I learned a lot from the lectures and I enjoyed them because the lecturer made them funny and applied the principle to our everyday lives.

I liked the lectures because I felt like God was standing next to me.

I was really amazed at the pattern of history. I also had no idea that each time something successful happened you went up a step, like when Jacob and Essau fulfilled their part and then Joseph and his family and so on.

The lectures were very long and explanatory and I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Ross speak about God I learned a lot about God and the history of the Divine Principle. I think I gained more knowledge about True Father and Mother too.

THE CRAFTS-the kids made birdhouses, coasters and jewelry.

I liked the Arts & Crafts very much an especially found joy in the jewelry making.

I liked the Arts & Crafts because it's like God is doing what I am doing.

EXPERIENCING GOD-the parent's who were the staff also had amazing experiences, mostly just seeing all these beautiful children.

I gained a better understanding of the History of mankind and what God has gone through.

I gained more faith and understanding of the Divine Principle.

I gained a lot this week! I gained self respect, internal beauty & a spirit as tall as the tallest redwood tree. And besides that I gained the wisdom of Noah Ross (the lecturer).

I think that I gained a closer relationship with God, and a true understanding of how the world is and how God is suffering from it. I truly want to love creation and respect and trust that God has plans for me, whatever they may be.

I was really inspired when we lit the candles and prayed.

At night it felt like my parent's were in my room. What I am going to do when I get home is I am going to make my brothers and sisters happy and make my parents happy.

It's like God is living with us and God is with you every time there is trouble. God gets closer and closer to you only if you make other people happy or make them feel well or good.

DETERMINATIONS-These are our kids! We should all be so proud of them!

When I go home I sincerely hope that I can keep my inspiration and really give 100% effort to become a better and caring person that everyone will want to have around.

I have a new determination to go to Bridgeport High School.

I felt more power and smartness and better about being a Blessed child.

From this camp I gained a new respect for peoples property, to work together to get things done and to have a good motivation about everything you do. From this camp I am inspired to pray more and to be thankful for what you have and not complain for what you don't have.

I was inspired to stay pure & free of temptation until marriage. I am determined to live life.

Now I want to be a better person and be kinder and share more. I will also try to give more effort.

I was inspired to not smoke and to have false love. When I get home I'll read the Bible 10 minutes every day.

I gained a better understanding of spiritual people, more self respect and how to take care of creation.

When I get back home, I'll do almost everything Mr. Ross said, like "Do the hardest thing" and "Say yes first."

I think that doing the hardest thing is what I'm going to work on because its like a challenge, and after awhile it won't be so hard. My goal for this year is to keep this spirit all year long and never forget my brothers and sisters.

Something I gained from this camp is the inspiration to share more and give more because I'll always get something in return, even if it's just a growing spirit.

I am going to do what ever my mom or dad tells me to do. I will try to do the right thing all the time.

But one great inspiration that I have now is the power of prayer and faith in God. Also, you not only have to be good enough spiritually to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, you must help build it.

Finally, I am inspired to practice what I preach. I want to take the narrow path so in the end I would look back and see that I accomplished more in my life. I want to treat my parents with respect and my sister with respect. I want to do my responsibilities and activities with a positive attitude. I want to be thankful that I have my life and my parents and my siblings and friends and creation. P.S. I will do the laundry every time my mom tells me to.


For information on next year's summer camp call Rob & Sally Sayre at 610-298-2919.

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