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Proclamation Of The 3.6 Million Couples Marriage Blessing

The advent of the third millennium heralds a time for humankind to re-examine its past and determine our course for the future from the perspective of God's original ideal in creating humankind. In so doing, we can discover the eternal principles which are the basis of happiness, harmony and fulfillment, and we can determine a beneficial course for ourselves and our posterity.

In creating the world, God intended that Adam and Eve would become the first true parents of humankind. As such, they would establish a true family with God at the center. As that family multiplied, it would grow into a true nation and world of peace and harmony. In a world of such loving relationships, God would be able to dwell eternally on the earth.

Unfortunately, Adam and Eve abandoned God's principles of true love and failed to become true parents. Therefore, God sent the Messiah--a second Adam--to restore the failure of the first Adam and establish the original ideal of the true family, true nation and true world. Jesus came as the second Adam. He came to a nation which God had prepared for thousands of years. Tragically, in spite of this national foundation, people at that time could not understand the mission of Jesus, and he was unable to establish a true family and a true nation. This is the reason Jesus promised he would return. Accordingly, a third Adam must come to fulfill the mission of the true parents of the worldwide level.

The Second Advent is the period of time when the Messiah comes to accomplish the original ideal of creation as the third Adam. He comes to fulfill all of the promises of the Old and New Testaments and to bring about the Completed Testament Age. He does this by fulfilling the position of true parents, establishing a true family and sharing the blessing of true love with all humankind. Through a special marriage blessing, couples worldwide have the opportunity to become true families..

On August 25, 1995, 360,000 couples participated in an international blessing at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea. This year, on November 29, another international blessing ceremony, this one for 3.6 million couples, will take place at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. As of July 15, 1997, more than 3.6 million couples worldwide participated in blessing ceremonies in preparation for this event.

Having achieved this, it is with great joy that we announce a new campaign to share this holy blessing with 36 million more couples throughout the world. This is truly an historic turning point. These true families, sharing the blessing of God's love, will lay the foundation for the kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven.

The ideal of true families centered upon God and true parents is the foundation of a national and global ideal which transcends religion and ideology. Through the fulfillment of this ideal, God's providence of salvation will reach its successful conclusion. The historical mission of all religions will be accomplished.

The age of religion and individual salvation is therefore passing and the age of family salvation has begun. For this reason, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Unification Church) is giving birth to a much larger, non-denominational, family-centered organization, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

We invite the leaders of the world and the people of all nations to join us in this noble endeavor, by actively promoting and participating in the international blessing ceremony for 36 million couples, transcending race, national boundary and religion.

For more information please contact:

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 3600 New York Avenue, Washington, DC, 20002,202-269-5340


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